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Zolder 1967 for Grand Prix Legends – Released

The 1967 version of Zolder is now available for Grand Prix Legends.

There’s no stopping the Grand Prix Legends modding community that has been providing GPL lovers with new content for over 13 years.

Below is the newest product as the 1967 Zolder track has been released, bringing a high-quality version of the Belgian venue to the simulation.

You can check out the impressive work in the trailer that can be found below alongside the download link.

[boxdownload]Download Zolder 1967 for Grand Prix Legends Here[/boxdownload]
  • Arie Beuker, de

    Wow, this is very good indeed. Every now and then i still drive GPL and im happy to see a continue in this. Nice job!

  • Anonymous

    Hallo guy’s ,

    You won’t regrad it , take a trip around the world/zolder67 track with the new F2mod  or the F1 67 org if you can handel them 🙂 or  take the 65/66Mod  no no wait , we’ve got also the GTMod …ach to much choice .
    Any way have fun .

  • Anonymous

    Here you can get the latest GPLPS GPL Installer (> 500 MB) to get
    GPL up-to-date with the latest garphic and sound updates here:

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