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Wunstorf Airbase – First Previews

Wunstorf Airbase – First Previews

After bringing us the highly-popular Mainz-Finthen Airfield track, Com8 has started working on another former DTM track for rFactor, showing us first previews of the Wunstorf Airbase.

Located in Lower Saxony, Wunstorf Airbase is operated by the German Air Force and has hosted nine DTM rounds from 1984 to 1993. The German touring car series raced on a 5.0 kilometer track, incorporating several long straights, a chicane and three hairpin corners.

  • DeDios

    really nice mate!! :sd:

    OT an another DTM track is in WIP, i hope will be released! the Diepholz Airbase

  • Montoya

    Has been covered here too:


  • Uff

    Com8 is enjoying airports, it seems! :sd: The only bad news is that I still have to try his previous work: I never have enough time to do everything. 🙁

  • stabiz

    You should, Com8 is among the best.

  • DeDios

    Montoya: Has been covered here too:

    lol sorry…thanks!! :shame: 😀

  • JGoenR

    Nice! Another high quality track!

    Are you still working on ROC track?

  • Uff

    stabiz: You should, Com8 is among the best.

    I know, I know: I would play anything, should I have enough time. 😉

  • stabiz

    Hehe, I know. I have a folder on my desktop that I drop gotta-try rFactor stuff in.

  • paupau

    I like this airbase series thing, good luck with your new project Com8

  • Bilbo82

    I come from Wunstorf and wait so much long for this track.
    a dream come to be true.
    thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!


  • theroro29

    Do you work on Nordschleife 2009?

    Thanks for your fantastic work! 😉

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