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WRC 5 – New Gameplay Videos

VVV Automotive’s Alan Boiston has once again gotten his hands on an early copy of a new title, this time checking out the upcoming WRC 5.

VVV Automotive’s Alan Boiston has once again gotten his hands on an early copy of a new title, this time checking out the upcoming WRC 5.

Thankfully, Alan shares it all with us as usual as you can find two brand new gameplay videos of the fifth installment of the official World Rally Championship game below.

Following Milestone’s involvement with the past four versions of the official WRC game, Big Ben is now trusting Kylotonn with the development of the new title.

Kylotonn will be using their Kt Engine HD that offers all major features for a proper rally title:

Kt Engine HD is a fully featured latest generation cross-platforms game engine (PC – PlayStation 4 PlayStation 3 – PS Vita – Xbox One – Xbox 360).
This production line includes :

  • A high end visual game engine supporting dynamic weather and dynamic day/night cycle, vehicle deformations, dirt, lens flare…
  • A level editor to create living, varied and realistic environments, alternating driving surfaces such as asphalt, gravel, snow…
  • A particles editor capable of simulating physics of dust volumes, smoke, dirt, water and snow projections…
  • A powerful physics engine providing detailed vehicle simulation allowing realistic handling, in any environment and on any driving surface.
  • Advanced damage model offering damage levels ranging from mild damage to complete destruction.
  • Replays mode with dynamic visualizations inspired by TV broadcasts.

WRC 5 is due to be released this fall, coming both for the PC, current-gen gaming consoles as well as Playstation 3 & Xbox 360.

  • RapidRefund

    Looks like the physics offers quite a twitchy nose which I really don’t care for

  • kkgrandi

    Wow, looks pretty much… nothing like a Finnish rally stage. How hard can this be, for all the rally games from the beginning of time (save the excellent RBR mods)? For one, I don’t know of a single local forest road that isn’t lined with a ditch of some sort.

    • QUF

      I guess because they want the game to be played without much annoyances, restarts, grinding. They just want people to play it without having to worry to keep the car safe. Therefore they are using simplified rally stages. But I can be wrong of course, maybe these particular stages are exactly like that in real life, so there was not simplifying of the tracks, maybe just the selection of which tracks to put in game.

      And this has its audience, and other rally games that have more difficult cars and stages have their own audience.

    • TTM75

      I agree with you. I live in Finland and i have to say that this stage looks ….. Hmm, awful. Luckily i don’t have to buy this game, i can live without it.

      • Professional Operator

        it is not romantic enough for you?

    • Michael Gribble

      It doesn’t seem that far off to me. Maybe a little more forgiving than the real stages, but I would be really surprised if they were not using sections of actual rally stages for this game (being that it is officially licensed by the WRC).

      Dirt Rally is using real stages so I don’t see why WRC5 would not be as well.

      We will have to wait and see though. Can’t really tell until we get a look at the maps.

    • Professional Operator

      have you seen the driving on the left starting at 4’25” or something?
      It does looks good to me
      seems like he’s using lot of countersteer and the car seems to properly responding to the inputs

  • WesleySmalls

    Oh god those co-driver calls. I am a robot!

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