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World Super GT Mod – Cockpit Gallery

World Super GT Mod – Cockpit Gallery

RMT is currently busy finalising the last bits and pieces on their World Super GT Mod for GTR2. To shorten the waiting time until the release, below are the mod’s cockpits for you to enjoy.

  • simracerhead

    sweet as 😎

  • tbc21

    Can’t wait any longer… 😛 😆

  • Dude101

    bloody awesome 🙂

  • ZaCh-Vo

    The cockpits looks better than GTR Evo’s one. Fantastic job!

  • trebor901

    the more i see this the more it makes me think its just made for people with high spec systems. No one cares about people who cant afford stupidly good hardware nowadays.

  • Wix

    Trebor: todays graphic card prices are affordable for everyone i think. a simple Nvidia 8800 GTS will do the job perfectly. It costs less then your average weekend out. I can understand that still its not for everyone to have a standard PC, but we can hardly keep that in mind. it would be like BMW not building cars, because there are people out there who can only afford a VW Polo. on the technical side The WSGT mod is fairly modest as far as specs go . GTR2 was putting more strain on the average PC then, then wat the WSGT does now for an average graphic card. on a AMD 4400+ with 2 gigs of ram and a 8800GT 512mb the WSGT runs 32 cars in 1920 / 1200 full HD at an average of 80 FPS . i dont think thats a bad average. in the end of the day people wnat more detail and features. simple as that.

  • yokelhama

    Damn they look HOT! I really hope the physics are as impressive as the models. I’m also glad I saved up money for a new pc so I can play it on FULL graphics.

  • quekery


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