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World Super GT Mod 1.0 – Released

World Super GT Mod 1.0 – Released

The Racers Modding Team has released their World Super GT Mod for GTR2. WSGT is the most comprehensive GTR2 mod to date, featuring seven all new car models complete with physics, new sounds, driver suits and more.

Car models included:

Aston Martin DBR9
Aston Martin DBRS9
Ferrari F50 GT
Ferrari FXX
Maserati Trofeo Light
McLaren F1 GTR Longtail
Ultima GTR


  • 7 new car models with detailed cockpits and textures.
  • highly developed physics with suspension geometries modeled with references of photos
  • Realistic Engine sounds
  • New special effects sounds
  • Fully detailed drivers suits
  • Fully compatable with GTR2
  • Optimized LODs
  • New showroom and showroom menu
  • and more

The mod includes an interesting mix of current and older GT cars in many real-life liveries. Furthermore, many community skinners have contributed their talent, adding in an impressive batch of community skins.

Note: Everyone who has the old WSGT Xmas mod installed should remove it before installing version 1.0

Download World Super GT Mod 1.0 Here