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World Super GT 2 – Toyota GT-One Nordschleife Video

World Super GT 2 – Toyota GT-One Nordschleife Video

Team RMT’s Arnold Wong has released a new preview video of the team’s World Super GT 2 mod, showing us a lap in the Toyota GT-One on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Like with all WSGT 2 preview material at this early stage, the footage has been made using rFactor 1 as testing base, the car is equipped with alpha-stage physics.

Powered by a 3.6 litre bi-turbo V8 engine, the GT-One competed in the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1998 and 1999. The car came ultimately close to win the prestigious event in 1999, only stopped by a high speed puncture in the closing hours of the race.

Successor to World Super GT for GTR 2, World Super GT 2 will bring some of of the most legendary GT cars of the 90s as well as Super GT GT500 class machinery to rFactor 2.

  • jimmy

    Hope the physics will be OK now cos it’s been the biggest pain in the arse in previous WSGT mod.

  • jo

    “alpha stage physics”? You gotta be kidding. In an ONLINE racing SIMULATION, shouldn’t physics be the FIRST THING they get right instead of graphics/sound/etc. ? they could import/steal some shabby models from some third party sim/mod afterwards.

  • kuato

    Montoya needs to add a facepalm smiley

  • Arnold-Carter Kingpong Wong

    Never teach a developer to develop something if you are not a developer. We know what we are doing.

  • BSR-WiX

    Every time somebody posts something , we do seem to make allot of friends. 🙂   Thanks for the intelligent comments. 

  • Carbonfibre

    Doesn’t that guy show up at some point to tell everybody how the physics suck and that he is the real expert?

  • TheLegend

    Doesn´t GT One have a topspeed of 380km/h/236mph? This one only does 277km7h.

    Doesn´t seem right.

  • Flaux

    trolls: as safe as the bank of england…

    My opinion: looks good, sounds good -> works. Next 🙂

    And on top: Thanks for the development news!

  • Arnold-Carter Kingpong Wong

    it’s in the highest downforce setup and in the league version physics that for another usage.

  • Firefox

    I guess that’s on Le Mans with low downforce and higher gearing, the same setup isn’t suitible for the Nords.

  • Arnold-Carter Kingpong Wong

    and I don’t need the cars from the other sims and mods in my mod, as they don’t have the exact cars or even if they had, they never fit my quality standard at all. Pointless to do something that is meaningless and useless to the development which waste a lot of time.

  • Arnold-Carter Kingpong Wong

    Actually we can’t do much on the mod at the moment, due to my busy game development projects………..just some small stuffs. Expect a preview of a car built by Klaas for the mod in this few days though.

  • Flaux

    Speaking of quality standards I’d like to thank you for the first wsgt conversion that pass your checking!

  • KastaRules

    I always enjoy your previews and I love the way you manage to push rFactor beyond its limits! Look at that… WOW! Thank you guys  🙂

  • jimmy

    380? Maybe a theoretical topspeed. GT-One lapped Le Mans some 10 seconds slower than contemporary LMP1 cars with top speeds about 340-350 kph. Anything above would be meaningless at Le Mans and GT-One was built specially for Le Mans.

  • jimmy

    And I know this is quite meaningless but I am a little bit a ‘laptime nut’ and I think that realistic laptimes contribute to whole ‘feeling of immersion’. Do you think this car would lap Nord 20 seconds quicker than Zonda R? I personally really don’t know, GT-One is a proper racecar but it is also some 12 years older. Toyota has 600 bhp and weights 900 kg, Pagani 750 bhp and 1070 kg.

  • Flowa power

    Nice Tree’s, i want to hug them.

  • GTEvo

    As “one” of the Main Anti”Physiker”^^ from Arnolds last PromoTours with this Toyota at the Nordschleife..i must say that there is a decent Feeling of an realistic Step forward at there SimPhysic.

    BTW: i have to say sorry Arnold..i recognized after the latest Physicbashing on these wonderfull looking HighQuality Mod..that you have to live with an really not fair Physic Pseudo Discuss.
    Its a shame that your Mod got such so negative Reactions, directly when you just post a Video.

    Thats really a shame and really a scandalous Mentality wich is “normal” in our Community.

    Your upcoming Mod is a Sensation Arnold, WIX.
    A Sensation of 3d Art!

    What i want to say is Guys..dont get rid with “our” overdressed PhysicBashings..TheOnce i have learend after 10Years Simracing..
    There is no perfect SimraceingPhysik!

    Not in a Mod..not in a commercial MonsterMarketing Production we all know like Simbin/ Codemaster/ EA Sports, Sony etc…
    Everwhre there coming negaties Reactions about Physics.
     Its just impossible to create the Perfect Physic!
    Thats the HumanNature in the virtuell Microcosmos Internet.

    Im pretty sure we all get an very impressive Masterpiece of Modding..maybe a Benchmark in 3D Work.
    If the Physics getting not really perfect..dont worry, then its just a Chance to an PhysicUpdate wich doesnt kill this amazing Mod. 😎


  • John DiFool

    Let an alien take a shot in an “identical” (virtual) car and he’ll always be faster than the real-world driver who has to always fear for his life if he effs up-which goes doubly true for the ‘Ring.

  • dknine

    no matter what others say, arnold did a great lap and the car handling looks as convincing as any other mod/sim out there, so a great job.
    the car’s interior looks amazing aswell 😎

    thanks for the preview!

  • klaasvh

    I know him! He’s capable of making an expert physics set for a mod anly a few hours after it is released.

  • klaasvh

    Yea! We mustn’t forget that this is Arnold driving in this video. He’s able to do this kind of awesome driving with every mod available. That’s why I never race him.

  • epic sax guy

    why is the top speed so low? Looks good other than that

  • epic sax guy

    The GT-One is much, much faster. Racing tires, advanced aerodynamics and in reality it had quite a bit more than 600 bhp.

  • Turkey :D

    I though only the default setups could have been better. The physics were ok. With some tweaking, the cars are all nice to drive.

  • Zsolt Jakobey

    ’cause you can’t read..

    “Arnold-Carter Kingpong Wong
    it’s in the highest downforce setup and in the league version physics that for another usage.”

  • qawaza

    Damn…I’ll be damn… 🙂

  • kiwi


  • Steve j

    Dang, that’s some driving.  Like he stole a couple of 12-packs of Bud Lite from the local 7-11 and was getting back to the frathouse to get rid of the evidence!

    Keep up the good work.

  • jonelsorel

    Brilliant capturing of the sense of speed; vibrations, I haven’t seen anything as real in any mod yet; EOAA GT’s are way overdone, imo. Sounds are TOP NOTCH. I love how the wind sound covers the rest. Engine is 5 out of 5. Skids – excellent. Bravo, guys! It’s really gonna be a work of art on top of another (rF2).

  • anon

    The speed trap data for the 1999 Le Mans race shows that the GT-One was doing 351kph (available on, which is close to what they do now.
    However, the circuit has undergone several revisions since 1999, so a direct comparison of the times is meaningless.

  • dirk

    Looks like they could have OK physics unlike Enduracers. Nice driving too.

  • asd

    I see, can you provide any link on the GT one´s different downforce levels? I can´t seem to find anything about it and can only expect that the rearwing is the only changeable downforce on the car.

    If true, then cutting the speed by 100km/h solely by changing the rear wing would mean crash, crash and crash because of the absurd balance the car would have by having so much downforce on the rearwing alone.

  • Ding Dong

    It sure does look good, but they always get their FOV(or whatever its called) wrong imo, I have never driven the GT-One but I have sat in one and the A-beam doesnt block the view as much as it does in this video. Its a good thing its adjustable!

  • Flaux

    Lol – Thanks for the info dr.physic  😛

  • JGoenR

    Looks nice.

  • Riches

    Hey guys this looks very good!
    Keep up the great work!!!

    Ah i also love those comments from the experts.
    Judging a entire mod and it’s physics on a alpha video.
    While this mod is not even supposed to be run on the rFactor 1 platform.

  • Rolando Tillit

    It’s good but IRL this car hit 217mph down mulsanne straight. Here the car barely pushes 170?

  • GDD

    Don’t you know read?

  • Xzess

    Nice Mod.. following development.
    And give the driver a bit harder FFB and +/- 540 steer lock 🙂  those rumble strips are too mmm easy to control..

  • Arnold-Carter Kingpong Wong

    the steering wheel lock was 540 degree with 12:1 steering ratio.

  • Vmk

    I wonder why RMY never show anything related to the F40.. I’ve seen some videos of it, its looking really great but wouldn’t be bad to see some liveries and showroom pics of it, showing details up close. 🙂

  • Ark

    “Don’t you know read.”


  • asd

    Bullshit, that´s impossible. YOU MIGHT THINK it´s correct when it´s really not. These physics looks horrible to be honest.

  • asd

    How exactly do you create the physics? Talk with the guys who made it or going by numbers or just by feeling?

    I hope it´s not the third one

  • Arnold-Carter Kingpong Wong

    We have a very detailed calculation sheet by a well-known physics guy in the community and my own aerodynamics calculation sheet. So why we have to do it by a so-called”feel”?

  • BSR-WiX

    mainly because the cockpit of the F40 is not ready yet. Once that is done you will get to see the video´s.

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