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World Super GT 2 The Game – Ultra HQ Preview + Video

World Super GT 2 The Game – Ultra HQ Preview + Video

Arnold Wong keeps on making great progress with his World Super GT 2 The Game school project that combines some of the content created for the WSGT2 mod with the Unity3D game engine and a scratch-made vehicle dynamics engine.

Now, Arnold has released some impressive new preview material by showing us an super high-resolution HDR shot of the Renault Meagne Trophy car’s cockpit, click the small image below to get to original image that is a whopping 7644 x 2272 pixels in size.

Furthermore, Arnold has just uploaded a new preview video of the title, showing off the car selection show room and a lap around Shanghai in the Honda NSX GT500 Super GT car.

  • Nismo


  • Richard Osborne

    That WSGT2 game looks very good. Very ambitious though, attempting to do realistic physics. Good work yo! Sign me up as a tester

  • Ricoo

    Nice work. It would be nice to have a public release for testing when it’s finished.

  • M1ST4K3

    I never worked with Unity3D, but I guess it uses deferred rendering (correct me if I’m wrong)…

    I think the screenshot looks stunning… the wheel shader is amazing… 

    Props to you for being able to do that in a semester (while studing for the other courses…) … that’s great!

    I made my attempt to do relistic physics in a car and it took me a whole month to do the suspension physics! For the tyre I used pacejka model… But I had to do my rendering engine too, since in CG course we were only allowed to use OpenGL + GLUT in C++… Pain in the ass to load the models if you ask me! But I managed to write a decent 3ds loader with VBO output… 

    Nice work mate… Keep it running!

  • Gulyo

    Not realistic at all.

  • Austin White

    I hope they don’t decide to ditch their rf2 mod and try to go full out on their sim, but great effort by them.  

  • Klaas van Houten

    Don’t worry, we won’t. The mod is still our main goal.

  • BSR-WiX

    Dont worry… We are as exited about rF2 as much as anyone else.  The WSGT2 is still primeraly build as a rF2 project. It is just a very nice thing that Arnold has the chance to incorporate parts of the WSGT2 project in his own education. He had to create a project, so what could have been better then his own models.  Work on the WSGT2 pre -development goes on. 
    Next up is the Nissan 300ZX Imsa by Klaas. The finalisation of the Megane, and the new Porsche 911 GT3 RSR …  oeps ,  told a secret… 

  • DeDios

    fantastic work guys.

  • Ted Stiller


  • John

    Good to know this is still staying a mod. I hope you use the WSGT 2 rF2 mod as a proving ground of sorts, then go for a retail title if things work out. Isn’t that how SimBin got started anyway?

  • Wesley M

    And who cares if it is realistic or not? I am sure it is going to be a incredible mod, a mod that is worth the wait

  • nofx

    i care… so go play mario kart 😉

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