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World Super GT 2 – Another Honda Wallpaper

World Super GT 2 – Another Honda Wallpaper

The first two Honda NSX GT500 wallpapers of Team RMT’s World Super GT 2 mod for rFactor 2 proved to be very popular and here’s another one for you to enjoy.

The new wallpaper shows the SuperGT Honda in two different liveries, one of which has not been seen before.

Successor to World Super GT for GTR 2, World Super GT 2 will feature some of of the most legendary GT cars of the 90s as well as Super GT GT500 class machinery.

Hint: To fully enjoy this very high res image,  please click “Full Size” once the image has opened.


  • xilix

    Damn dude, that is just flat out talent and hard work. The details are awesome. I love the current WSGT mod and I’m looking forward to the next release with rF2. The physics in the WSGT for GTR2 is almost right up there with the EOAA GT mod for rF, which is saying a lot.

    I can’t wait to see how these cars look in rF2.

  • dknine

    yeah, dang, that car looks just amazing, superb detail to it.
    i just love it 😎 .

    thanks for my new desktop 😎

  • bab0oN

    Thank you very much for these wallpapers, I’m already using one on my sim-pc. I’m just waiting for the Takata Dome one, I know you’ve got that skinned already.. so would you mind providing a wallpaper? It would just fit too well next to my 1/20 model 😛

  • yokelhama

    Super awesome thx! Is this mod a representation of an actual series? Will you be doing a Pagani Zonda at all, would probablt fit very nice with this mod :sd: :sd:

  • BSR-WiX

    Thanks for the Nice comments all.
    yokelhama: The WSGT2 is not a representation of the SUPER GT Series. The WSGT2 mod is an homage to the classic GT cars that have been build from the 90´s on.

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