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World Super GT 2 – New Ferrari 458 GTC Preview

Team RMT has released a new preview of their Ferrari 458 GTC that’s part of World Super GT 2.

Back in December, Team RMT showed a first preview of the Ferrari 458 GTC that is going to be part of their World Super GT 2 mod for rFactor.

Since then, Arnold Wong has made plenty of progress with modeling the car as the preview below shows, first renders and texture previews of the car will be available soon.

Based on the Ferrari F458 Italia road car, the F458 GTC is Ferrari’s weapon of choice in the fiercely-contested GT2 classes of the European & American Le Mans Series. Replacing the F430, the car made its competition debut at the 2011 Sebring 12 Hours and scored its first class win at the 1000km of Spa Francorchamps back in May.

Successor to World Super GT for GTR 2, World Super GT 2 will bring some of of the most legendary GT cars of the 90s as well as Super GT GT500 class machinery to rFactor 2.


  • Kevin West

    Model is looking very nice and smooth as always.

    I would like to ask Arnold, what modelling techniques do you use to make the main parts of the body? Do you use turbosmooth/meshsmooth, spline modelling, patch modelling or just manual box/poly modelling? or is there another technique that you use?


    • Wish Bone

      No good modder reveals his secrets if he wants to keep all the fame and hot women for himself.

      • Anonymous

        Ah, yes. The best part of modding is the women.

      • Anonymous

        I still have to learn a lot then, so far no pretty girl came close to me to whisper “I love your big and hard tyres” to my ears 🙁

      • Anonymous

        Which is what brings the whole scene down, decreases quality of all mods since there is so little shared knowledge, everybody has to figure out by himself which is a great loss of time.. If only it applied just to modeling, but no, it’s especially bad in physics department.. You can only find short descriptions what each line does and that’s about it.

      • Anonymous

        Figuring out what you need to know is also known as ” Learning ”  One has to develop skills, not just copy them. 

        Arnold helps allot of people, when asked serious questions. But a news website is not the place to do it. 
        And in the end of the day, your local bakery is not going to explain its baking secrets to the competitor across the street.  Human nature combined with common sense.

      • Anonymous

        But there’s no profit from mods, all you get for being good modder is certain “fame” from other simracers which you never see in real life.. if you’re extremely good there’s chance you’ll do it commercially later but that’s less than 1%. 
        Some modders will never learn everything they should and release mods full of issues they can’t fix if they don’t even know it’s wrong.

      • Arnold Carter Kingpong Wong

        If your teacher gives you the answers in the exam, it doesn’t mean that you know how to answer all the questions neither is done by you 🙂

      • Kevin West

        The reason I asked here, is because I know he visits here, and I dont know of any other forums that he does. And I’m no beginner modeller, I’ve been doing this for many years and would like to keepmy learning curve going. You wont be giving the answers away, you are just merely hinting how its done, as there are still skills to develop to perfect the teqniques.

      • Anonymous
      • Laurent Cortier

        I believe he was being ironic, osella…

        Though of course you are totally right, it’s competition that kills creativity, open source proved that long ago. I guess it comes from the cars industry itself, that bunch of sharks licensing and copyrighting everything they can to make more money and control the market… Like everywhere else. This is how the world has become, but don’t worry too much, this world is going down, soon, as it is utterly unsustainable. Then it’ll be what we decide to make of it…

    • Arnold Carter Kingpong Wong

      It’s mixed, I have a standardized workflow of “when to use what” though.

  • James Crawshaw

    Haven’t they missed the honking holes in the bonnet? Of course, it is a WIP…

  • Marcos Sanz

    looks very nice

  • Robert Every

    Does everyone else hope this isnt another prototype C mod, ie never to be released!

    • Laurent Cortier

      No, because everybody who knows the team at RMT know they deliver for good !
      They are one of the best mod teams out there, man, and WSGT2 is going to be brilliant !

    • Firefox

      Don’t think so asboth RMT and VLM deliver.

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