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World Rally Championship – VVV Gamer Preview Videos

World Rally Championship – VVV Gamer Preview Videos

Alan Boiston of VVV Gamer has released a very interesting series of preview videos of Black Bean’s upcoming World Rally Championship title, showing various cars & stages in action.

His impressions aren’t good news for sim racers though as Alan comments on the title heavily-leaning in the aracde direction and being nowhere close to Richard Burns Rally in terms of physics or DiRT 2 in terms of graphics. Furthermore, Alan comments on how the title actually plays better using a gamepad instead of a steering wheel, pointing out some physic-quirks.

These videos are a breath of fresh air compared to the more favorable coverage the title has been getting in other gaming media outlets even though many inaccuracies, especially in terms of stage design, are obvious even to casual rally fans.

Developed by Milestone, World Rally Championship will be bringing all the action of the WRC to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PC. The game will feature all 13 rally events from the 2010 schedule and cars from the WRC, Junior WRC and the Production WRC class. World Rally Championship is planned to be released in on October 8th 2010.

Video viaΒ VVV Gamer

  • SoloTwo

    I usually don’t like it when people judge a game before its a released, but from everything I’ve seen so far this game is going to be a utter and complete joke.  Nothing in the game reflects the real world of WRC whatsoever. 

  • qawaza

    holy shit, more crap….eyesore!

    Here, a video to relief your eyesore;

  • t-roy

    dissapointing…hopefully they push the release date back and really work on this…the hype is trash


    told you people who hate on the nay sayers, mile stone are a lazy bunch of plonkers.

  • jeff

    Very disappointing, we seem to have taken a step back. The WRC series 4 and 5 on the PS2 are way better than this in almost every aspect.


    people need to stop buying their shit, let them go bankrupt.

  • Samuel

    Yikes,  I was one to give this title a chance but now I just can’t see it turning out well.  Still going to try the demo but this is not looking good at all.  Black Bean if you guys read this;  way to screw up having the WRC liscense.

  • Headsoup

    I was really giving this game every chance to be good and trying not to judge it, but *every* video just shows wide track after wide track.  I personally think the cars look to have decent handling, but the tracks are so wide it isn’t needed, and most corners don’t even seem to need use of the brakes πŸ™

    If they had just reduced track width by 30% and added some sharper corners/rougher terrain…

  • Sensekhmet

    Reminds me of SEGA Rally πŸ™

  • rally_fan

    Sweet Lamb in UK is a real joke, how they gonna impement iOpener to this crap I don’t know.

  • rally_fan

    I think Sega Rally is better in some points.

  • GK

    This is still not in simulation mode? Because he is not shifting, and it’s like he has got some steering help and stability help?

  • zudthespud

    he is shfting with the paddles.

  • zudthespud

    It looks like I invested too much hope in this. I’m a huge fan of the SBK series, so I have patience for Milestone,  but  now 2 of their 3 franchises look bad. I don’t know whether this game was rushed out or what, it looks like it was. It was obviously designed from the start not to be a simulation, which is a shame. I’ll still give the demo ago.

  • Diromo

    I would change these voice audios from “rocks inside” to “you can see rocks in field on right” and “hairpin” to “fast turn”. All stages looks like that mode in DiRT2 “countryside” or similar ( I don’t remember properly) where you traveling field at 300 km/h with nearly without turns and braking

  • nedge2k

    He’s got ABS off and yet he complains about unstable braking and understeer while braking – wtf do you expect!?! I really wish people who knew how to drive cars properly in the real world would make these videos, that guy looks like he still lives at home with his mum.

    Anyway, after seeing those, I’m liking the game more. GFX seem improved over what’s been previously put out and the handling looks as it should be – difficult. Stages all seem too wide though. Dred to think what their take on Irish/Manx rallies would be like. Will reserve judgement for the demo tho!

  • f0xx

    As we were expecting :C

  • f0xx

    (Damn those tracks are so badly designed they dont look like rally tracks ..

  • Uff

    And you should learn what you’re you’re talking about before opening your mouth.


    he’s clearly got his head screwed on imho.


    yep way too wide and those cars look like they could be taken straight from there v8 touring car game lol.

  • stephen300o

    I’m actually not too bothered about the tracks being so wide, fast and unrealistic as they are my favourit type of stages.

  • Rooster

    But without the awesome music πŸ˜€

  • f1racing

    Well, after seeing those videos I am deeply dissapointed about how the game looks and drives. But despite that I will get it for only one reason: My steering wheel is brojen, so RBR is too hard to play now. And I like to watch rally and play rally games…and also this is licenced. That is only reason why I will get it

  • flips

    What’s the story on the iOpener feature?  They are adding it after release?  Did they give a time frame on it?

  • Skara Koska

    So RBR FTW again?

    3 weeks ago i’ve installed RBR (after one year or more left aside) and i’ve forgot how great it was. Installed RSRBR2010, tweaked the FFB, the pacenotes, new gauges (the GT5 ones) and started to discover the new cars and stages!! F”#$”%$ AMAZING!!!! 

    Thank you all modders that were involved in RSRBR! Great job!!!

    RBR rules my friends but i would really like to see a simulator to replace this 2004 title!! Until then ill stick with RBR…

  • Doohie

    The preview video is from the 21nd of July by the way.
    so still have hope…. πŸ™‚

  • Blacker

    Seems as though the steering in too sluggish at all the wrong times and too quick at others.

  • rally_fan

    …a iOpener-enabled WRC title will follow in 2012….
    Found in other news on this website.

  • jimmy

    Yep, exactly my words!

  • 07wtcc

    Sega Rally 2

    the tracks are boring here. they were more challenging in Sega Rally Revo I finished some weeks ago on my 360

  • Stu-o


  • RKip

    Anyway, you could post or direct me to a install instructions… I bought RBR and have had no luck getting to work as all explain.

  • Skara Koska has all the info you’ll need…the tutorials are ok…

  • Jos

    this is WRC license abusement.

  • Sensekhmet

    Uhm, he’a actually complaining about instability when braking. It does look like the moment he touches the brakes the cars starts to lose the back end for no reason and it also looks like the countersteer does squat to stop oversteer.

  • Indestructible Carrot Killer

    This game looks a fairly poor effort imo – but still, I will wait and see.  

    My first rally was in 1973, I think – the hot, dry, dusty Scottish.  I was nearly killed.   πŸ™‚   [i was watching not competing]  I saw RAC lots of times – Waldegaard, Pond, Brookes, MAkkinen, Mikkola, Rohl, Clark, Vatanen, Munari, Blomqvist et al.

    Ah the good ole days…..

    But in that video, that’s Rally Wales is it?   Sure.

    the real thing:

    and even better, old stuff: 1970s:

    I wish someone could capture the atmosphere and adrernalin of the real thing.

  • Sensekhmet

    Well, Richard Burns Rally makes you scared to go fast.

  • Big Ron

    Are you crazy? They do, what they are able to do. You can´t call some one a lazy plonker before you tried to do the same πŸ˜‰


    its not rocket science….. its pretty obvious its pure laziness 😎 .

  • Zolus

    I was looking forward to this game so much. All those promises about realism and thrill. And I see, that I’ll play the same 6 year old RBR for a long time, because this sucks big time. I’m sure, that RBR isn’t 100% realistic either, but it’s the closest to reality yet (regarding WRC, but sadly nothing else). And yes, I can judge the physics and the game experience from videos, and this sucks. I remember, how much I was looking forward to RBR. I couldn’t achive a good time for at least two weeks, but I’ve never had so much fun in a racing game. I enjoyed every moment of it, even if I was crashing all the time.
    You’ll see. This game has nothing to do with rallying. It is an old school arcade racer, which can be fun for certain people, but not for me. There is a huge hole on the market, there is no rally simulation. There are rFactor, iRacing, Netkar Pro… Track racing, which is boring for me. My only hope is rFactor 2, if I’m right, it’ll include loose surface physics, which was one of the weaknesses until now.


    one guy said it, ” this is WRC license abusement”. it’s completely true, even though it sounds harsh.

  • emir

    real long stages nice graps real drivers and cars looking good physics what else do you want..?

    I am looking forward this game..This autumn gonna be the best for the race game fans..


    and you wait till it gets the lowest score of any of the wrc titles, but you’re just arguing for the sake of arguing it seems.

  • Fjomp1

    ..i want a demo, wanna try b4 I buy !
    – BB support; do they care to listen/react to what users say about the demo.. ?

    e.g. No (time) penalty for crash/off road&”hurt” your car /: ( ??
    -that’s too arcade for me πŸ™  

    will there be add-on trackpacks etc. ?

  • CodeMistresses

    Y – i think i am gonna have to load it up again.   

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