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World Rally Championship – New Preview Material + Hands On

World Rally Championship – New Preview Material + Hands On

Black Bean Games has released new preview material of their upcoming World Rally Championship title for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Included are six new preview shots including one interior shot as well as a new video trailer, showing the WRC cars in action on various surfaces.

Furthermore, Alan Boiston of VVV Gamer has published a very interesting hands on article after trying the title at Milestone. Alan seems to be quite pleased with the physics on both the PC and consoles, comparing the handling to the early Colin McRae titles that earned that franchise a reputation among sim racers.

Developed by Milestone, World Rally Championship will be bringing all the action of the WRC to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PC. The game will feature all 13 rally events from the 2010 schedule and cars from the WRC, Junior WRC and the Production WRC class. World Rally Championship is planned to be released in on October 8th 2010.

  • Diromo

    This is really not another Dirt2 – because it’s cheaper in all meanings. Even on thous polirated “screenshots” you can see low size textures and low poly objects

  • Dave

    Im sorry if i don’t find the reference to Colin McRae titles of the 90s reassuring for a title some 11 to 12 years later,i remember those car having a pole in the center that the car rotated around.having said that codemasters F1 dev team don’t seem to be promoting their  in game physics much either,so i guess official license doesn’t equal realism.

  • ATSbozZ

    The graphic looks realy poor in comparison to CM dirt

  • Fernando Nurse

    For me.. once the physics is to the same level as richard burns rally ..I will be happy…with this game…
    Yes dirt graphics are good.. but the driving sucks.. I hate acrade physics…

  • scca1981

    Why does this game already look 10 years old?  While Dirt 2 isn’t a full on sim it is a good game and looks lightyears better than this.  Not sure if i’m gonna bother even trying this one out.

  • Pe11e

    cheap metal music = fail
    physics = fail
    graphics = fail
    every blackbean game so far (except maybe SCAR) = big fail

    so this is a mega fail, sorry

  • Wesley

    this is crap, going to be nominated for ‘fail of the year’ lol.

    Physics is crap, graphics are crap, the movement of objects etc. through air is crap too, I would be crying if i was the on giving them the license right now

  • krisby

    @ DAve, I don’t think people are comparing mid 90 CM, they are talking about the latest CM Dirt 2, it runs DX11 and looks the biz, this looks like Warthogs 2001 Rally Xtreme. But you’re right, original CM, well all Codies games had that central pivot point, its not so apparent in the latest Dirt2, though still not simulation. I’m not convinced F1 will be any better, F1 as an arcade racer just doesn’t work IMO.

  • Oggy

    am i the only one on there that is psyched for this game?

    we dont get many rally games around here.

  • Dave

    quote from the interview linked above
    “From struggling with understeer, suddenly it clicks, I’m really starting to feel the handling. If I was to compare it, I would say it reminds me of Colin McRae 1 and 2 releases in the late 90’s, the inertia feels right, especially on the looser surfaces.”

  • akbarfoto

    I’m wth you Oggy, i’m loving it.

  • MartinWA

    Christ that looked horriable =-O

  • Carbonfibre

    I think only rF2 can be the RBR successor we all want. Considering they’re working on the off-road physics and FFB I say chances are the support will be good. We’re gonna have to port/create a hell of a lot of content to make it happen, and it will probably take many years, but we’re guaranteed to have the physics done right! 😀

  • qawaza

    Oh i feel sick…….

    rF2 could be the alternative to RBR i hope…but long live RBR

  • Sensekhmet

    Sorry, but I cannot treat the hands on seriosuly when it mentioned the handling ‘clicked’ (huh?) after switching to a gamepad and that the physics includes ‘anti-lock system for a turbo charger’ (alow me to use the intranets lingo here: LOL WUT?). It seems the author has no idea what is he talking about.
    However, in the new video the roads seem a bit more narow (they look a bit like USA stages in RBR!) and less tunnel-like. Also there’s what looks to be an N12 Impreza!

  • 07wtcc

    CMR series were good until RBR came out

  • Uff

    It’s good to see that this game is improving day by day: this new video is much better than the previous one. People who comments physics just by watching a video are really pathetic, as usual.
    I do prefer to trust who has actually tried the game and says that works great with steering wheel, with the car being a real challenge to control without AIDs.

    Read here:

  • Uff

    You honestly don’t have a clue of what you’re talking about. And more than this, Black Bean is only the producer, not the developer.

  • RedBullRacing5

    Is that an NFS Shift Effect at 0:41 where the car lands? I mean the blacked out screen corners…

    Confusing… :O

  • F1Racer

    I love how games that people think are ‘arcade’ always get the most comments.  I guess it’s preferred to write negative stuff than to be complimentary.   Game/Sim developers seem to enter a lions den when trying to pitch anything to so-called ‘hardcore’ sim racers which many players seem to consider themselves.   Nothing more than armchair experts.

  • Com8

    good music 🙂

  • 07wtcc

    did you ever notice any crazy music in Eurosport’s WRC report? 😉

  • eshes

    never mind ‘being realistic’ this looks like the worst game of 2010. 

  • eshes

    not really you can judget a lot about the cars movements and physics from watching a video. 
    any decent driver would be able to watch a video of rfactor or rbr, and watch a video of forza 3. or colin mcrae. and be able to point out which is by far more realistic.

    so its not pathetic at all, youre just a n00b. 

  • eshes

    well he clearly does.
    it looks like some cheap game from 2004. 
    physics is a definite fail, without question. 
    graphics are miles below todays standards. the maps are barren. 


  • logos

    Uff, thanks for the great preview.

    Very good FFB, realistic physics, challenging stages, etc., all this sounds impressive, especially when is said by a sim racer. Thanks again. 🙂

  • Sensekhmet

    Isn’t that the case with 99% of simracers? The few ones that do not qualify are usually competent racers in real life.
    I’m not a physics expert or competent racer by any means, but when a simple question is asked: does sim-racing feel like real racing? I answer: no.
    It cannot, when sensory inputs are only limited to my hands and eyes (and let’s face it: what we see is still far away from the real thing).
    Come on people, it CAN’T be realistic! You’d have to be Loeb to match… Loeb in a 100% realistic game, or even better with sensory input limited so severely.

  • Dave

    True real racing is different than sim however as we are limited by what we have, i believe that most sim racers want the best of what is possible to achieve on current hardware available.
    Currently we see the graphics that are achievable in F1 why would we not want some other game coming close or surpassing that detail,As regards physics why should we not expect as close to what can be achieved ,RBR came out in 2004 ,its now 6 years later why should we not expect at least the same level of detail in the physics and more.
    Im sure that this game will be looking for the same money off  me for purchasing it as games more advanced in all areas judging by the videos and screenshots released so far.
    WRC is arguably a bigger sport than F1 and is far more enjoyable to watch ,the devs could have come out and said that they were making an arcade game based on the licence and there would be no disagreements about physics however look at their pr, is it trying to suggest arcade or a game based on real world physics.
    Im lucky enough to have been a passenger in a ex world rally car owned by a guy i know and have sent some time with him driving on roads comparably to those in the Irish stages in 2009 at rally speeds,roads are on private land,on these particular roads it is not possible to for 2 cars to pass each other ,normally 1 has to back up till you get a gap in the hedge
    This doesn’t make me an expert in anything other than ive been in one but one thing im absolutely sure of is that these guys have been unable to put a usable wheel ffb in their games so far when this has been achievable in other games for years.

  • Harpo245

    Emm, okay.

  • Harpo245

    It’s rather sad that poeople are bothered with ULTRA 100% REALISM on this site. I know its sim orientated, but just because it doesn’t have an ‘r’ or ‘i’ in front of it doesn’t mean its necessarily a bad game.

  • Dave

    Im sure its possible it could be a good game but there are loads of good games that have better graphics even if we leave out the rest of what we had hoped might be in an official licensed game.
    Why should we spend money on second best

  • Fric

    My god, this looks AWFUL. bad graphics, bad driving, bad everything. Why would someone spend money on this fail  ????? 

  • Sky

    People that comment here so negatively should respect more the dev team. THey actually want to hear the fans, but its hard to hear anything when all these “experts” can say is “crap , fail, arcade” every single time they open their elitist,arrogant, biased mouths.

    Milestone did some of the best, if not the best motorcycle sims out there. They are trying to hear us on sugestions for this FIRST rally title of theirs, and we, instead of giving good, constructive criticism, just bash and bash and bash. If your mind is already set on not buying this tittle (wich is a shame, since it means the license is worthless, and nobody will pick it up in near future if it isnt profitable) then why you comment here anyways?…

  • Ayax

    I really wanna give a new WRC a chance, being an avid fan of it. However its hard to do so when this looks older than RBR… 🙁

  • Jux

    I was actually surprised. It has got much better than before, but then again, it showd much more less. The speed is like 300 km/h :D.

  • JorritVD

    Well, a rallyfan would recognize it is the Impreza S12B WRC, where Ostberg drove with in Sweden 😉 🙂

  • JorritVD

    could be 😎

  • JorritVD

    but Eurosport does not have WRC any more. so?

  • JorritVD

    I do 😛

  • Big Ron

    You should not judge it, before you test the physics on expert mode without driving aids.

    And the guys who say it looks older than RBR, should bye glasses. You have definitely an eye error.

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