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World Rally Championship – Five New Previews

World Rally Championship – Five New Previews

Black Bean Games has released five new preview shots of their upcoming World Rally Championship title for the PC, Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.

The screenshots show cars from various classes, including the Ford Focus WRC, the Skoda Fabia S2000 and the Citroen C2. The shots show the most polished graphics so far as Milestone is getting close to finishing the title.

Developed by Milestone, World Rally Championship will be bringing all the action of the WRC to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PC. The game will feature all 13 rally events from the 2010 schedule and cars from the WRC, Junior WRC and the Production WRC class. World Rally Championship is planned to be released in on October 8th 2010.

  • Gulyo

    Where is the demo ??? 😛

  • Firestarter

    Everything that have come from Black Bean have been crap, i can`t believe they have the financial strength to continue on releasing crap products. Ofcourse Warthog that made Richard Burns Rally went to hell after they got eaten up by Gizmondo, it seems like quality products is not equal with success.

  • Rooster

    4th one looks the best. Nice and sharp.

  • Vettel

    Looking good. Should be the best WRC game in years.

  • F1Racer

    I agree !   Screw these haters.

  •                 i feel sorry for blackbean…

  • Philip Oakley

    It will be the best WRC game in years, but nowhere near as good as RBR.

  • Jorge

    awesome pics.
    can’t wait for release.

  • Wesley

    seriously? Are these guys joking with us or something? Every screen i have seen thusfar was simply crap, and now these look good? I think these are incredibly photoshopped.

  • Headsoup

    Wesley I haven’t seen you post anything but negative comments (same with quite a few others) so why keep posting?  Just don’t get the game.

    I think this looks very promising, and while not up to the realism and customisability of RBR it will be fun and accurate enough to go through the whole career mode.  Seems to get better with each preview vid too, check out the RaceSimCentral site for a couple of stage replays.

    Lets save judgement until the game (or at least demo) is released…

  • Wesley

    Such things is called criticism, im sorry for that. Actually if no one give any criticism about anything we would still be walking in those ugly suits, the same uglu cars and the same low quality televisions, are you happy with that? We here live in a world where we can say anything that isnt offensive to a person, race or group of persons, is my post offensive to anyone? No, so why i cant say what i think about this game, i dont know…

  • Gpfan

    Sorry to say this but the game seems to be SO WRONG!!!!!  The  driver and co-driver propotion relatively to the car geometry is COMPLETELY WRONG!!!! The little driver and co-driver are more like midgets inside a big monster car!!!!

    Sounds are…… CRAP, how a official dev. team dont have the resources to go further in this area??!!
    And finally 3D invironment is very undetailed, very weak in this area to…. so i´m not impressed at all with the work of BlackBean….

  • jimmy

    And sounds in RBR were great? You know, I am not impressed by rFactor 2 previews so far, still I am looking forward to release date. I think WRC is a breath of a fresh air in simracing titles.

  • jimmy

    Crap? I enjoy their bike games, especially last SBK-X game. Very entertaining IMHO.

  • Gpfan

    Get real!!!  This is a new title and you are comparassing something with more than 6 year old game??!!

  • Vettel

    At least it’s better than Richard Burns Rally

  • Rickard Olsson

    I see a lot of both good and bad comments about this game.. Here is my opinion.. I think that when we first saw pictures and videos of this game, it didn´t really interest me in any way.. but when I see the pictures and videos from it now, it got my attention.. I think it´s going to be a good game.. maybe not up to date with the graphics.. but still a good game to have some fun with for a while.. If I have to complain about something, it would be the release-date.. My local gamestore says the release is late september.. the same time as F1 2010.. and if Black Bean REALLY want to sell this game.. they should have taken another date for the release ! 🙂

    But I think that we will have some really fun moments with this game.. I think that 2010 has been a really good game-year when it comes to racing ! 🙂

  • Dave

    Does anyone know if there is dx11 graphics in this game as it seems F1 dosent have them

  • Stu

    WRC 2010 may not look state of the art but when compared to most PC sim titles and mods it’s a step above.

  • f0xx

    The Fabia pic looks quite good actually.

  • Dave

    Last rally sim is RBR 2004 ,would hope is graphically better.
    Last rally arcade is Dirt 1 and 2 both on pc.
    Graphics dont look better than dirt 1 even.
    Mods dont charge for their work unlike game devs and,lots of models are comparable to what game devs are selling in their games and some are light years beyond what is in some games.
    The game engines most modding work is done in quite a few years old so dont show off car models to the best.
    But if you want to see what they can do with a new graphic engine take a look at SHIFT car mods.

  • sloeri

    Yeah, these shots are much better quality than any previous ones 🙂

  • Uff

    Why? Because they’re producing a good game? Oh, by the way… Milestone is realizing the game not Black Bean.

  • Uff

    Indeed: SBK-X was a good game and step after step Milestone is improving. WRC already looks good and it seems to drive even better from what everybody who tried it says.

  • renagade

    because you dont do constructive criticism. you’re saying the game will fail and it over and its the same on every news from wrc 2010. its not avout being a jerk its about making good criticism that can help the dev making better game in the futur.

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