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World Rally Championship – Car & Track List + Answers

World Rally Championship – Car & Track List + Answers

Black Bean and Milestone will be bringing the World Rally Championship to the PC, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 on October 8th.

Below is a detailed rundown of all content included in the title. Also included are the answers to your questions, featuring info on the upcoming demo and more.


Citroen C4
Ford Focus 09 WRC
Ford Focus 08 WRC
Subaru WRC 07

Punto Abarth S2000
Ford Fiesta S2000
Skoda Fabia S2000
Peugeot 207 S2000

Subaru Impreza N4
Mitsubishi Lancer X
Mitsubishi Lancer IX

Suzuki Swift S1600
Citroen C2 S1600
Renault Clio R3
Honda Civic R3
Ford Fiesta R2
Citroen C2 R2
Suzuki Swift R2


Rally Sweden
Rally Mexico
Jordan Rally
Rally of Turkey
Rally New Zealand
Rally de Portugal
Rally Bulgaria
Rally Finland
Rally Deutschland
Rally Japan
Rallye de France
Rally de Espana
Wales Rally GB

Over 550 kilometers of stages from these rallies are included, split up in 78 special stages on various surfaces such as gravel, snow and tarmac.

Furthermore, we have been trying hard, with kind support by the guys over at Speedmaniacs, to get answers for all your questionsΒ that were collected a few days ago. Due to the limited time a the presentation, only a handful of questions could be answered, you can find the answers below.

Included is info on the upcoming demo version, the weather system, modding and more. You might have to click “Read More” to see the answers.

Will there be a demo of the title?
Yes, Milestone plans to have a demo version for both the PC and consoles ready by mid-September, allowing sim racers to try the title before it’s released.

The official website is speaking about “entering a regional championship”. What does this mean?
Regional championships are part of the career mode as players start of with their own team in regional rallies before progressing to clinch a ride in a WRC team.

Will there be unlockable game content such as classic cars or rallies?
There will be unlockable liveries and sponsor decals.

What sort of weather effects are available – is there a proper multi-stage weather system, with puddles, surfaces turning into mud, tarmac becoming slippery, snow; or does each stage have a set weather or weathers that are switched between?
The title does not feature a dynamic wheather system, the weather at each rally is pre-set based on the actual event.

How accurate is each stage in comparison with the real stages it is based upon (Width, twistiness, obstacles, etc.)?
Milesonte did visit several rallies and took over ten thousands reference photographs, leading to stages that visually reflect the real WRC stages. No full-length WRC stages are included.

Will we be able to turn off the driver hands and wheel animations in cockpit view?
The preview version did not include such an option.

Will the track side objects like fences and barriers be movable or damageable?
Some of the lighter fencing is movable, concrete walls or massive iron-fencing wasn’t movable or damageable in the preview version.

Will the game be modding-friendly? Will there be a track editor?
Due to the licensed content, no track editor is included and modding isn’t supported.

Can you provide some details on the title’s multiplayer mode?
The title includes a Hot Seat mode for four players.

  • Retro

    Wassup with “real” stages and competing against real world drivers? πŸ™

    “unlockable liveries and sponsor decals” boohoo.. So you can get MWRT team livery for the factory team or what?

  • Matt

    its nice that so many cars are available πŸ™‚  Skoda Fabia S2000 and Fiesta S2000 nice πŸ™‚

  • Gulyo

    This game should be produced and released CODEMASTERS !!!!!!! This gonna be epic fail 100% sure …. unfortunatelly …

  • Ander

    Unfortunatelly this game will be at least worst than RBR and probably worst than Dirt 2.
    Epic fail! Simbin should produce this game.

  • Dave

    Would you rather drive a Licensed car on the stages described above with set weather or an unlicensed car that looks 99% identical on better and longer stages with properly implemented dynamic weather and physics(im assuming they havent improved much on previous games)
     Official license does not equal good games it seems.



  • Trebor901

    no track editor due to official licences? im sure there’s plenty of other games out there that have official licences that have track editors.

    It would seem iopener want the WRC licence so if this game flops (which unfortunately i think it will) it will be Milestones first and last WRC game

  • Timo

    why Milestone didn’t incloud a Subaru Impreza WRC ‘08, because Ostberg has driven this car in some Rallyes
    PS: sorry for my bad english

  • Paulo Ferreira

    It’s the subaru wrc 07. Ostberg used to drive it last year, but not this one.

  • Paulo Ferreira

    Thanks VirtualR for the hard work πŸ˜‰

  • Mitos

    WRC-list is very “filled”heh…

  • Retro

    They should have added atleast 307 WRC and some older fords.

    I wonder if they were allowed to include name Ken Block, which is basicly sold to Codemasters. Atleast his car was shown on some developer video. Colin McRae was totally missing from last official WRC games thx to Codies..

  • Oggy

    so you saw ken blocks car? nice.

    & I don’t care if the 307 is not in it, along with other cars.

    DiRT2 was a great game (oh god im gonna get flamed), and the car list was just as sparse as this game. If you didn’t like Subies or Mitsus, your only other choice was a fictional R400 or a 350z.

    So in my mind this game has a good car list. Along the lines of the original dirt.

  • guy

    Where’s the Monte Carlo Rally?  THE most prestigious and traditional of rallies… missing.  I wanted to tackle the Cul de Torini at night in the ice and snow.  :'(  

  • Montoya

    The Monte Carlo rally isn’t part of the WRC anymore, it’s now run by the IRC.

  • Timo

    yes, you’re right.
    But the Impreza’ 08 would be great in this game anyhow. πŸ˜‰

  • Dave

    No Rally Australia. Pfft, shame.

  • Jux

    You people like critisize every bit of flaw you can find – come on.

    I think it is good that WRC dev team is trying to reach out to the fans. It is very good that they plan to release a demo.

    I myself hope, that they get a good platform done for WRC2010 and the next, 2011 will have re-written physics engine (like rbr) and more modding friendly.

  • Firefox

    DIRT 2 was actually very fun to drive and had great force feedbacka s well as support for the G25. (And this comes from a hard core simmer)
    I think that if they can sort out the wide stages then it is a buy for me because frankly I love rally games but I’ve never quite gotten stuck for RBR (not say it is better or less realistic than DIRT 2) but I will try this and see how the demo feels before making up my mind.

  • qawaza

    Coz we are demanding customers & RBR have spoilt us & we really hope someone out there can answer our call to rival RBR or at least level it. πŸ™‚

    I am still wishing & waiting, just like last time when i wished for the likes of RBR to answer my pet peave with the CMR2.

  • Oggy

    they have sorted out the wider stages. You can see it in the promo trailer featuring generic metal as VirtualR put it.

  • 07wtcc

    Dirt un Dirt 2 are epic fails compear to CMR and RBR games, so CM is regressing and must not do any rally game anymore IMHO!

  • Jux

    How could it be profitable for the developer :P.

  • QT

    One  BIG mistake after the other.

    I counted RBR users on different Pages. They will dissapoint and annoy way over 30.000 Simracers.
    Only on the Czech page there are over 20.000 registered users…

  • Sensekhmet

    Uh, the R4 is far from fictional. It’s a real working vehicle that Colin worked on. He said he hoped it wil be picked up by some one makes series, it’s a bit slower than N4 cars but much more fun to drive. The only fictional vehicles are AWD H3, Z4, 350Z, Solstice and Eclipse. The moment I start thinking how can you get the driveshafts to the front wheels from the 350Z gearbox (which is so far back it’s virtually in the cabin) or to the rear from Eclipse gearbox (FWD transverse V6!) my head starts to hurt… but hey, take a look at H3: there are NO driveshafts going to the front wheels at all πŸ˜› Also one could argue that 1.5 ton family sedan ‘taxis’ like Lancer or WRX are hardly ever used in rallycross.

  • Regular John

    “Milesonte did visit several rallies and took over ten thousands reference photographs…” 

    So why does the scenery on the screenshots look so UNREAL? I mean the track desing looks horrible – fences everywhere, random buildings, random trees… This would be OK in mid 90s games, but its already 2010… Wake up Milestone! This game gonna suck

  • pez2k

    There is actually at least one AWD 350Z, built to run Pikes Peak about five years ago. It however ran a full Skyline GT-R drivetrain with its front driveshafts through the straight six’s sump and further forward mounting compared to the 350Z. As for the Eclipse, it’s less of an issue, after all even the Lancer Evolution is basically a transverse FWD layout with a driveshaft down the centre of the car. Mind, it’s not like the V6 Eclipses have a tunnel for it, but let’s just brush over that with an excuse like ‘it’s tube-framed’…

  • Mihc
  • Doohie

    Good answer…what about iOpener ???…

  • Sensekhmet

    Yeah, the tunnel was exactly what I was thinking about, but more along the lines ‘big engine = gearbox far to one side = off set tunnel needed’. Transverse FWD V6 is really a weird thing, and everytime I see exhaust headers for such a setup I’m completely baffled…

  • Sensekhmet

    Hm, I just noticed something… how in the world can R2 cars compare to S1600 cars???

  • Zolus

    Quote from the iOpener article: “According to the interview, iOpener has successfully acquired the licenses to use the WTCC and FIA GT1 series, a iOpener-enabled WRC title will follow in 2012.”

    So this game won’t have iOpener. I don’t know if the 2012 game will still be produced by Milestone, or not. Maybe their next game will have full length stages, but they still have to develop a realistic physics engine. The previews seen yet are really awful.

  • ScHiRoCk

    No full-length WRC stages are included.

    Will the game be modding-friendly? Will there be a track editor?
    Due to the licensed content, no track editor is included and modding isn’t supported.

    No full length wrc stages, but we cant have an editor, what licensed content are they talking about then? Bollocks!

    Will we be able to turn off the driver hands and wheel animations in cockpit view?
    The preview version did not include such an option.

    Why would you. Like i see in rfactor, no arms and hands. That annoys me πŸ˜€

  • Gaiajohan

    Dirt 2 is nice. Dirt1 sucked

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