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World Rally Championship 2 – Hands-On Videos

World Rally Championship 2 – Hands-On Videos

A few weeks ago, Black Bean Games’ Davide Latina gave a rather discouraging interview to IGN, commenting on how the main improvements in the studios’ upcoming World Rally Championship 2 title are concentrating on the graphical presentation.

Even though fans of realistic rallying would disagree, Latina went on to call the driving model of the studio’s first WRC title “absolutely fine”, despite rather unfavorable reviews of the studio’s first official WRC title.

Now, you can judge yourself whether or not the successor will be big enough of an improvement as VVV Automotive has released three hands-on videos with plenty of gameplay footage.

WRC 2 will be released in October, the title will include 15 different locations and 90 stages to drive on. Players will have the choice to drive both modern WRC machinery and historic rally cars that go back all the way to 1960.

  • Lugnut

    Looks terrible.

  • Rolands Svētiņš

    Even crossing the finish line looks the same as in Dirt 3. 

  • StealthSCG

    It’s so arcade that its not funny. I mean, do we really want some random shouting go at the start? 

  • SergeantBoner

    Still looks like Out Run in offroad mode!

  • Kris Baxter

    So much for listening, I believe RBR is what people want, not this buggy rubbish.

    I couldn’t even turn off the DOF or blur, it still remained, the handling was crap with no amount of tweaking, the sound, like all Black Bean games, was awful, FFS, 5.1 is not cutting edge anymore!

  • Wesley M

    nothing changed

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