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World Racing Series – Beta 6 Released

PiBoSo has released a new beta version of his World Racing Series simulation that comes with major new features.

PiBoSo has released a new beta version of his World Racing Series simulation that comes with major new features.

Beta 6 boasts an impressive list of changes, including support for the Oculus Rift DK2, car modding support as well as dynamic terrain deformation.

The latter feature can be seen in action in the video below!


fix: suspensions geometry
fix: FR2000 and FR3000 differential
fix: improved force feedback
fix: race length different for each category
fix: reference lap time
fix: race classification
fix: categories setup
fix: server location setup
fix: data mismatch info
fix: URL spaces
fix: free-roam camera start position
fix: dynamic track surface optimizations
fix: track animations
fix: lighting
new: MacPherson suspension geometry
new: car modding support
new: dynamic terrain deformation
new: wet terrain
new: replay laps list
new: analog speed gauge support
new: helmet cameras support
new: ideal lap time
new: laps race length option
new: server info in browser
new: clients list in web server browser
new: live timing track length
new: “photo” page
new: gearbox graph
new: improved 2D pitboard
new: plugins wheel material
new: oculus rift dk2 support

A demo version is available for everyone to try, the full version of World Racing Series can be purchased for 20 Euro. Buyers also receive a free license for GP Bikes, PiBoSo’s other project.

For more info, check out the World Racing Series website.

  • Matthew Arnold

    Need someone to make a good rally track now

    • noroardanto

      Rally cross will be more fun 😀

  • noroardanto

    Somebody please do an interview session with PiBoSo. It must be very interesting to getting to know this relentless developer.
    Edit: The car movements really on par with AC imo.

    • Rich Goodwin

      I was in email contact a few years a go with someone at PiBoSo (at the time, there were 3 people making up the team). I asked if I could do an interview through my site and the replay was thankful but “We prefer our sims to do the talking”.

      Of course, Virtualr might have more luck than me.

      • noroardanto

        Too bad, I hope they will finally agreed to do an interview(s) as I’m pretty sure it will boost their sales.

  • Marc Collins

    The dynamic terrain deformation looks awesome. Assuming it works, that becomes the new benchmark for rally or non-asphalt sims.

    • Pablo Coronel

      All MX vs ATV series has, MXGP has and i think Dirt Rally has.

  • Gui Cramer

    It’s amazing that such small team could dedicate itself to get Oculus Rift and added this terrain deform. Maybe they could bring rally-related material to us, mixing more cars with their MX game characteristics.

  • JamoZ

    Meanwhile in GP bikes……”core.exe”

  • Jo Mardi

    hi all, where to find this track for testing ?

  • Dinca Andrei

    On the site there is a different price

    World Racing Series License – 26 Euro

  • Patrik Marek

    could be nice fun game/sim
    but not sure how they want to compete even with something like Kunos, which such a small team

    all the best to the guys though

    • Gui Cramer

      It’s not meant to compete, the way they do things. GP Bikes might be their biggest game and it’s far from finished with persistent crashes (as seen from JamoZ’s post below).

      • RapidRefund

        They just need to lure a group of people willing to invest time with completion as a goal for finishing these ongoing project with promise of percentage of sales revenue. Also Steam Greenlight would be beneficial to generate sales as they already have a working product and would get greenlit the first day

      • JamoZ

        I`ve been playing GP bikes since the alpha`s and we ( the community) have been providing idea`s, suggestions and everything you can imagine to help this project any further and get the company name and projects out there.

        After trying for so many years the majority of the community just gave up. There is little to no communication between PiBoSo and the community that it feels like if you`re talking to a brick wall.

        All of the PiBoSo titles have some brilliance hidden in there, but bad marketing is what`s going to prevent this company to become on of the bigger players on the market.

        PiBoSo closing a whole forum because there was some critisism ( about the core.exe and other random crashes that haven`t been resolved to this day ) and with doing so deleting alot of people`s hard work (skins, tracks, bikes, plugins etc) is just one of the many examples of this.

        I want to see all of these titles succeed and get PiBoSo where he deserves to be, but something is telling me not one of the titles is ever going to get released as a complete product.

      • RKipker

        Wow, this is a shame. Some folks really can not take feedback on their work.

      • RapidRefund

        If this is the case maybe they should no longer get any coverage here if they snub their noses at the community. (Sarcasm On) Surly they can find friendships with the Xmotor people LOL.
        (Sarcasm OFF)

      • Furious

        I do have to disagree with JamoZ. I’m also a member of the community for a long time, and I have never felt like PiBoSo is doing anyone a harm. The forum was deleted twice. Once as the database went down with no chance to recover, and once again with changing the forum engine (with informations about this move few days earlier).

        PiBoSo may be sometimes solid on his decisions and believes, but he’s definitely not a bad person or developer neither .

      • RapidRefund

        Thanks for your input in the matter as I have not been a part of their forums and instead of taking what one individual is saying at face value I now have 2 sides to the story. Still like JamoZ is saying they are trying to develop more titles then they have working on them(It was mentioned 3 people and 4 titles) I had forgotten about GP Bikes. Piboso is basically a hobby business if they don’t strive to grow into a serious developer on the retail market and secure the resources to actually finish their works. That part of it I do agree with JamoZ on

    • MC

      In the netkar-pro days it was just kunos doing the coding, and I think a couple of other people doing things like tracks and artwork. Not sure on the setup now but I know people like Aris came onboard for AC, however I believe it’s still a small team.

      Back to PiBoSo, I like to support small developers but I hate that engine, although WRS and GP bikes do have some interesting features.

  • Me

    Isn’t it just PiBoSo? He’s a one man sim wonder.
    I personally wish Kart Racing Pro would gain some traction within the community.

    • Rich Goodwin

      Nope, at least three last time I was in contact with them.

  • loupfu

    These guys do a good job but I feel who never go to the bottom of things.

    From what I understand, they do not want to go through Steam, allowing them a greater visibility, with the ability to have the Workshop, which would facilitate the installation of mods. Simulations with enormous potential, but still unfinished.

  • pcarsphyxexpert

    Not enough content/cars.

    • RapidRefund

      Here is another example of lack of man hour resources. More like a highly talented individual looking to the community to fund his game development hobby. I would have most likely bought into 2 of his titles if there were ever a time frame for a completed product. However I don’t think there ever will be.

      • JamoZ

        There would be if the focus was on only one project, but working on 4 sims at the same time isn`t doing any of them any good.

      • Silvio

        If I were a programmer, with intention, knowledge and time to build a simulator, I’d concentrate all the efforts to achieve as perfect as possible the physics/handling, with one car and one test track. After that, I’d concentrate in a solid multiplayer environment, something at least like LFS. Content would be something to think after physics/handling finished. Better one car/one track with perfect physics, handling and environment, that a lot of cars/tracks that you will never play.

      • RapidRefund

        Well there are tons of talented people(In the Community) if these developers would pass on to them the expectations of qualities and details levels of models and tracks and get them under NDA’s so they can give out information as to what content to focus on that leaves much more time to refine the core of the game

      • RapidRefund

        4? I thought it was 3. That’s even worse and I bet every one of them would get SteamLit.

      • pcarsphyxexpert

        I hope he pays Chronus to build him some extra cars, Chronus’s work is as good as GSCe aka SCE with a slightly different ffb profile.

        These guys could make 10x the money if they had CONTENT….

  • Silvio

    The behavior of the car, at least in this video, looks very realistic.

  • noroardanto

    Gamermuscle, please do a review!

    • RapidRefund

      How can you do a Review on a Beta Project? Only Previews.

  • Matthew Arnold

    I’ve just tried this, and its got huge potential.

    Unfortunately this track was built for the MXBikes sim, so its really not suited to this car, you can barely get out of second gear, and even then its almost impossible to stop lol,

    BUT i know for a fact with a track built for this type of racing, this could be the next RBR, (don’t say anything about dirt rally because the ffb is frikkin terrible lol)

    All that is in my mind with this is when i can get my hands on a copy of the new “Race Track Builder” software 🙂 Ill be making some mega Rally tracks for WRS 🙂

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