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World Racing Series Beta 12 Is Now Available

PiBoSo have released the 12th beta version of their World Racing Series simulation.

The new version of their steadily-expanding simulation comes with plenty of fixes and new features such as support for external mods, new engine sounds and animated flags.

World Racing Series sells for 27 on the game’s website, as an added bonus players also receive GP Bikes, the developer’s other racing title.

Unsure whether World Racing Series is for you? There’s a demo version available as well!


fix: memory optimizations
fix: controllers calibration bug
fix: pit menu controls setting
fix: VR tracking reset
fix: Vive ( SteamVR ) default tracking position when going to track
new: save and restore of the dynamic track surface groove and marbles between testing sessions
new: track category selection
new: “very high” network connection setting
new: VR reset control setting
new: the VR reset control affects the UI virtual screen position, too
new: borderless window mode
new: support for an external mod folder
new: onboard engine sound
new: engine limiter sound
new: animated flags
new: support for dirt buildup on the car
new: clean car option

  • noroardanto

    PiBoSo nothing can stop these guys!
    Personally I don’t think I will need more race sim game at the moment. Good luck, I hope WRS will evolve into something good in the future.

  • Sam Smith

    Tonight is the night.
    I’ve just bought the game.
    We have to support guys like this.

    • melanieuk1

      Agree, it is a shame people didn’t have that attitude, back in the days when there was more sim racing developers and sim racing engines other than the ISI motor Engine, I wonder what the sim racing market would be like today if people supported company’s like:

      Cruden Racer
      And X Motor Racing
      If these developers had the support of the wider with funds, maybe the simracing technology would be more diverse than what it is today.

      • VirtuaIceMan

        Don’t forget Live For Speed and ORC:

      • melanieuk1

        Anything as long as it is not ISI based.

      • GamerMuscle

        Maybe its up to developers to make a game the market wants ?

        Pibosos obviously enjoy working on general physics and the overall challenge of coding certain things , but from a pure business and work load perspective I think they/he could put together a killer mod supported rally game that could do really well in sales with the rally space also really lacking when it comes to competition I think its probably the best place for an indy team to attack and establish.

  • Sam Smith

    Well I had a quick run in VR. Surprised to see Victoria (Philip island) as a default track.
    Some nice little touches that I didn’t know about.
    Multiple hand gestures, fully moving pedals and feet, wet weather with visor spray, visor tear offs, proper mirrors like LFS.
    Haven’t touched dirt yet or my free copy of the bikes game which comes with the purchase.

  • bonecrusherer

    Annnnnnnd purchased!

  • aksu korkki

    pibosos other games gp bikes, mx bikes and krp have same issues like multiplayer crashes and lags. why not finish one product and then go to another one?

  • pcarsphyxexpert

    Too expensive for such a small and basic game.

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