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Wirth Research Simulator – Videos

Wirth Research Simulator – Videos

Formula One team simulators have often been a topic here on VirtualR and here is the newest one to check out as a new video on Youtube shows James Allen visiting Virgin F1 to check out the Wirth research simulator.

Used for driver training and simulation of new technologies and aero parts, the simulator seems to be very versatile as it’s not just used for Formula One simulations. The second video below shows the same simulator used by Highcroft Racing drivers Marco Werner, Marino Franchitti & David Brabham to prepare for Le Mans in the Wirth Research-built HPD ARX-01C-LMP2 prototype.

Sadly, none of the two videos give us a clear look of the simulator software in action as Wirth Research doesn’t seem to want footage of that to get out, leaving us wondering if Virgin is one of the many F1 teams to use rFactor Pro.

  • Carbonfibre

    Most likely rFactor Pro. I only need to see a glimpse of the track edges and textures to recognise rFactor’s graphics. They’re mostly the negative traits unfortunately, but all things age.

  • ChrisConsidine

    Not rFactor pro, but based on an iteration of Racer (now known as Dolphinity) instead.  Cruden now owns the project. 

    Cruden, incedently, built most of that simulator for Wirth when they were know as HexTech.

  • mike88

    yep racer engine which is also used by ferrrari.

    there was article not too long ago that intervied nick wirth think it was race car engineering will try and track that down.

  • Justin ForzaBarça D’Cruze

    Uhh dunno how you guys can tell which engine it is from that video o.o

  • ChrisConsidine

    I know because I’m in the industry 🙂

  • Larko

    This story is thanks to the Australian Chanel, ONE HD, who should be congratulated for their many efforts in taking us behind the scenes.

  • Badumtish

    What we learned from Huttus experiment is that all the so called simulators either the one in the videos above or the Sim games most of us are playing at home are pretty much useless to replicate the real thing for one and only reason:

    physical forces

  • Doby

    Its not rFactor Pro but the Cruden Simulator

  • zudthespud

    My stomach still tightens a the sight of James Allen…

  • Pleb


    Yeah, useless, i mean all those hours spent in iRacings Star Mazda did Huttu no favours, right?

    Some people..

  • Badumtish

    But his experiences also shows that all the sim racing in the world can’t prepare drivers for the physical strain that is involved with driving a real race car


  • Pleb

    ‘useless’  means simming has NO USES.

    I’d tend to disagree and say it has PLENTY of USES.  Preparing you for the G’s no, but it DOES have USES.


  • Badumtish

    and what are those PLENTY OF USES??????

    Unless you honestly beileve that someday you’ll make use of your super duper desk driving skills in real life.


    Grow up Kiddo

  • Justin ForzaBarça D’Cruze

    Simulations are completely useless…hence why f1 teams use them. Yeah makes sense, top of the class buddy.

    You need someone to spell out the uses? Really??

    Off the top of my head, I’m pretty sure it helps learning tracks. Huttu was only lapping 3 secs off the pace after 4 laps.  You dont do that if you’re still learning which turn comes after which. So yes, iracing helped him learn the track. I.e. sims are not useless. I.e you are wrong.

    There’s other uses as well which are infact specifically mentioned in the above videos that I cbf typing out, maybe try watching them instead of making troll-like statements that defy logic and common sense.

  • Badumtish

    Are you dumb or something?

    Go read my first post to see why i said it’s useless before giving me ignorant lectures

  • Justin ForzaBarça D’Cruze

    Just doing the good samaritan thing and pointing out that you’re totally wrong. Sorry.
    And my “lecture” was primarily directed at your first post.

  • pleb

    Badumtish, you have no idea, seriously.

  • Badumtish

    If I’m totally wrong then you must actualy “feel” all those G-forces/air/temperature/Fear..etc while you drive in front of a monitor/Tv/simulator



  • Sensekhmet

    I have said quite a few times already that simracing doe not even come close to the real racing. But is it useless? No!
    -it teches the basics, like race line, weight transfer and the general philosophy behind racing (like ‘don’t crash like a dumbass’ or ‘slow in fast out’),
    -it can teach basics of set-up and racecraft,
    -it can be used to learn the general layout of the tracks,
    -lot of other, more obscure things.
    In general I would compare them to flight sims: yeah, you won’t know how to fly but you will have something to build upon in practice (of course first you need to verify if these basics are correct!).
    Also, simracing:
    -is fun!

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