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Wheel Maker Mad Catz Files For Bankruptcy

The choice of sim racing hardware is narrowing down a bit these days as hardware accessory maker Mad Catz has filed for bankruptcy.

The choice of sim racing hardware is narrowing down a bit these days as hardware accessory maker Mad Catz has filed for bankruptcy.

Makers of mice, keyboards and other computer accessory, Mad Catz is best known to sim racers as creators of mostly budget-aimed racing wheels.

One of the company’s wheel offerings was arguably the most ambitious as their 2014 Racing Force Feeedback wheel came with higher-end features such as 900 degree steering and extensive Force Feedback.

The company hit financial trouble due to (among other reasons) their extensive involvement in accessory for the Rock Band 4 title that turned out to be a disappointing venture for the company. Mad Catz has filed for bankruptcy on March 30, with all subsidiaries to be liquidated.

  • Art J

    I don’t know anything about their sim-racing hardware, but after acquiring Saitek brand, their flight-sim products quality went down the drain (with customer service following closely). If this is how the rest of their business worked, I’m neither surprised nor sorry for them.

  • Mick Mockennen


  • Lower Level

    I didn’t know they were still around. I thought they went away years ago. lol.

  • HammerX

    April fools?

    • HardRock

      I wish, but many sites wrote about this.

  • Ernie

    Does any simracer really care about Mad Catz? It’s not even worth mentioning that they had steering wheels in their product portfolio.

    • Fabio Pittol

      I didn’t know either but apparently they do have a wheel. Google “mad catz racing wheel”.

      • Ernie

        Yes they have. But i wouldn’t call them “Wheel maker”, like the headline wants to tell us. ūüėČ

      • Fabio Pittol

        You might be right about that!

  • SP

    Mad Catz, i know them very well from my days in the business. Met them often at the trade shows but never did business with them. As you may know, Logitech bought MCs Saitek in their plans to rebuild the entertainment sector after G27. It was the decided to quite the entertaiment Now they are building it all up again.
    – If Saitek will be Logitec’s brand name – or if they will continue to use their own name is not shure. But they are already selling from Saitek’ stock.

    • Fabio Pittol

      At least if they do a Yoke with the quality of my G27 and that last half of the time, I’ll be happy. Because my Saitek Yoke/Throttle Quadrant doesn’t worth half of what I paid for it! lol

  • LogiForce

    I thought MC was better known for their Fight Stick range. Got a nice Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition stick of them here with quality Hori parts (as used in real arcade machines), never had a complaint about it.

  • HardRock

    I’m using their R.A.T. 3 mouse at the moment. I’m sad to see them go, if for nothing else the awesome design of their products.

  • menacegtr

    All i know is there high end fight sticks to be the absolute best, then there was the modding side of them. I will look at my fight stick in a different light

  • BucketCat

    Once bought the R.A.T 9 when it first came out. Was the most terrible mouse i`ve ever used. Design was amazing, but the sensor they used in it was horrible. Everytime i used to lift the mouse for less than an inch, the sensor went haywire and flicked my cursor up/down or just 180 degrees around. I never want anything that my trusty old Logitech G9x anymore…

  • Chillisteak

    Wheel maker? really? I didn’t know they produced any wheels, I know them for their R.A.T mouse line which I have the R.A.T 3 and I’d highly recommend.
    Heard good things about their flight sticks may have to see if I can pick one of them up cheap now and a new model R.A.T.
    Shame they have died, but I’ll always remember the Mad Catz brand for their terrible console controllers player 2 always ended up with lol.

  • Darin Gangi

    No surprise here, their last wheel was XBox One only compatible with the promise for PC support that never panned out. For the money, it was WAY over priced and far from innovative. They won’t be missed at all in the Sim Racing world.

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