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This Week Inside Sim Racing – July 27 has released the newest episode of their weekly This Week Inside Sim Racing recap. has released the newest episode of their weekly This Week Inside Sim Racing recap.

This week, John and Billy deliver their mix of sim racing news recap and viewer interaction, featuring their traditional Q&A at the end as well.

Covered Topics

– Forza Horizon 3 Car List
– Flintstones Car Mod in Assetto Corsa
– EnduRacer’s Signatech Alpine A460 LMP2 WEC Car for rFactor 2
– MAK-Corp Release Group C v0.95 for rFactor2
– New Adjustable Steering Wheel Feature For American Truck Simulator
– Mercedes-AMG GT3 Will Become Part Of The RaceRoom Lineup
– First Assetto Corsa Porsche Footage
– iRacing Dynamic Track Development Update

  • todemanjack

    ON their discussion about pCars or A.C. pCars gives a much better Race Simulation with A.I.! A real size grid. Dynamic weather and time of day. So if you want to simulate realistic racing. pCars should be your choice over A.C. Not that I want to start a argument about other subjective aspects. By the way, I now have 21 high quality car mods! Can’t wait till they open the tracks to modding! Someone needs to turn Calif. Highway into a circuit like Nordesclife!

    • ImageArtSigns .

      …agree on the California Highway into a circuit like Nords…would be fantastic

    • rauf00

      considering magic grip of AI in rain or off road i would say it’s “much better”

    • Leynad

      AI in AC is highly improved and now IMO even better compare to pCars, but some combinations may not work or the AI is to slow. But they´re not hitting me as much as in pCars and are more on the track than off-track.
      And the Multiplayer is way more reliable which is the best simulation you can have with decent racers.

      Driving night & rain races is nice, but the fps drops with rain is not acceptable and without a more grippy driving lane a bit pointless. Not able to save setups is very annoying. Grip-conditions in pCars just depending on the weather not the rubber. FFB feels spongy and less connected to the road with many cars. SMS seems to have no intentions to improve car physics, FFB and other issues whereas Kunos improved a lot with every little update and many cars are much improved within the last few months.

      With all high quality mods AC delivers not only far more laserscanned track, but more content in quantity as well, even Rallycross is possible. It´s not that i don´t like pCars- the graphics are amazing with my GTX1070 in 4k, but just prefer AC and would recommend it over pCars 1 and hoping for 2.

      • todemanjack

        Multiplayer doesn’t equate with “Racing Simulation”. Your just saying multiplayer is more important to you than being a proper Racing Simulation. I only have a 970 GTX. And have no problem with rain, running on three monitors! Why is that? The rest of your argument is just subjective personal opinion. Except for your opinion on AC mods. Which slow the game way down and apparently were removed from Kuno’s Web site because of their poor performance. They both have their good and bad points. I own both. But prefer pCars when I want to get my Racing Simulation Fix. Like I just got finished watching pre-qualifying for the 24hrs. of Spa. Decided to try a few laps on my Sims. First A.C. 24 cars on the grid compared to 35 and possibly 65 in pCars! Which is the same as the real race! It will almost certainly rain at Spa. As it always does. Both games were very similar, in most other aspects. pCars does run faster, fps, which makes up for when it rains. I guess I’m just that good at setups. Don’t have to save them? Well I’ve been at this for almost 2 decades.

      • Leynad

        “Except for your opinion on AC mods. Which slow the game way down and apparently were removed from Kuno’s Web site because of their poor performance.”
        Dumbest words i read since weeks. Kunos is working with modders and at least a few cars and one track in the game is made by modders. Probably more than what´s officially known like the Cobra, because they are not producing the DLC-content all by themselves. The mods were removed due to licencing reasons.

      • todemanjack

        Before added to the game the mods you mention were gone over by Kuno’s and team. Not to say they’re NO mods that work. Over and over on A.C. forums I’ve been told that poor game performance is due to “mods”. Which I must remove if I want my game to run correctly. Licensing would not be a issue on a forum because of mods. Like pCars has links and descriptions of unlicensed cars “Porsche” on their forum. So at best your being dumber then dumb.

  • maranello55

    Great show guys! Loving the addition of Billy and his views on the classics era. So true!

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