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Watkins Glen for rFactor 2 – First Previews

Virtua_LM track guru MonSum is working on a brand new track for rFactor 2 – Watkins Glen.

Virtua_LM track guru MonSum is working on a brand new track for rFactor 2 – Watkins Glen.

Below are first previews of the iconic American road racing venue, already showing plenty of good-looking details. Knowing MonSum’s past work, this track is going to be a must-have addition to rFactor 2 for sure!

Located in upstate New York, Watkins Glen once was home of the United States Formula One Grand Prix from 1961 to 1980 . Nowadays, the track is most famous for the annual NASCAR Sprint Cup race that is run on the track’s short configuration as well as a Tudor Sports Car Championship six-hour race run on the long configuration each June.



  • Birddogg66

    Wonderful any chance for a historic version as well?

    • Chris Payne

      Yes please. Historic version too would be bliss!

  • Matt Orr

    I just hope the downhill left into the Boot section has the proper profile. It’s so fun how late you turn in, how fast you go – fantastic corner that sadly in the old versions available through the last few years on various sims is kinda just an average corner like the others, but I trust with Virtua_LM behind it it will be fantastic.

  • asdgdsg

    rFactor has needed a more accurate version of this track forever. Thanks!

  • Dieter

    nice gogo

  • Robert Gödicke

    Looks awesome already on those screens. Technically it will be as great as any other Virtua_LM track I guess.

  • e_r_n_i_e

    Great to see a new version of The Glen is build. Then it’s time for the old GP4 version to go into well-earned retirement.


    All I’m thinking is racing the DW-12 on this track

  • Tom Fleischer

    the tracks from virtual lm are really good everybody, however, one, unfortunately, they do not have everybody, visible ground waves.

    sorry for bad english, I use a translator.

  • Patrik Marek

    nicely done!

  • Matthew Arnold

    Did this track ever get released?

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