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Watch The WRC 7 “Epic Stages” Trailer

Big Ben Games & Kylotonn have released a new video trailer of WRC 7, the seventh installment of their official WRC game franchise.

Big Ben Games & Kylotonn have released a new video trailer of WRC 7, the seventh installment of their official WRC game franchise.

WRC 7 will bring all cars and rallies of the 2017 WRC season to the PC, Playstation 4 & Xbox One. Also included will be the Junior WRC Class.

First previews and a trailer give us a glimpse at the Hyundai i20 that is part of the current generation of WRC cars. To ensure a realistic experience, Kylotonn promises to be working with real-life WRC engineers and WRC 3 champion Sebastien Chardonnet.

While console users can look forward to an enhanced experience on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One Scorpio, virtual reality won’t be part of WRC 7 when the title will become available this fall.

  • MC

    Are these actually getting better or are they still best being avoided?

    • Glen Orpheus

      there not as good as RBR or Dirt Rally in my opinion but i do believe they are getting better and worth a look, not sure i’ll pay the full price though, but thats were sites like instant gaming come into play they generally knock off enough of the price to make me part with money when I’m on the fence.

    • Tyson Mclane

      I have played 4 through 6, 4 and 5 being utter garrbage, 6 was actually a tremendous step forward and rivaled Evo. Dirt Rally seems to be the sweet spot for what a lot appear to like, and RBR for the more hard core crowd, ill give this one a shot as always being a rally addict. Dirt 4 is actually pretty good once you get about 4-5 hours into it, the first 2 hours though ugh, starter cars are glued to the road trash.

      • MC

        Interesting, so 4 was the last Milestone effort (5 & 6 Kylotonn)? I’ll probably give it a go if they release a demo.

  • Steven Shears

    Fair play to them creating large stages but i’ll be surprised if the cars are as loose as this indicates. I’m not entirely sure if this is pre-rendered or digital footage OVER the top of official WRC footage to make the cars look more realistic (hence in game & WRC broadcast). It looks like a mix as some of that footage is real life. Whatever – it only makes me more cynical because don’t see the point.

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