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Watch A Snowy Nordschleife in Project CARS 2

Come along for a lap around the Nürburgring Nordschleife in Project CARS 2, featuring winter conditions.

Project CARS 2’s Live Track 3.0 engine will give players plenty of rare track/weather combinations to try and tackling the world famous Nürburgring Nordschleife in snowy conditions surely is high on the bucket list of many players.

Eugene Gajkin’s newest video gives us a taste of what to expect from this scenario, showing a lap around the Winter Nordschleife in the Nissan GT-R.

Project CARS 2 is now available for pre-order.

The title will bring 180+ cars and 60 tracks to the PC, Playstation 4 & Xbox One, starting September 22.

Powered by the studios’ Live Track 3.0 technology that allows dynamic surface conditions and the title’s comprehensive dynamic weather engine, Project CARS 2 is able to simulate racing in any weather & season, including heavy winter weather & snow.

Aside from graphics & sound improvements, Project CARS 2 comes with refined physics featuring the title’s cutting-edge tire model and improved AI as well as brand-new gamepad controls & FFB improvements. The new version comes with robust eSports & online capabilities including Online Championship mode, driver rating as well as race directing & broadcast controls.

The full list of all cars included in Project CARS 2 can be found here the track list can be found here.

  • HardRock

    This has been a dream of mine since PGR4. The next two months will be torture.

  • Dani .

    As more I see, more I am dissapointed.

  • Glen Orpheus

    Hmmmmmm just looks like a black and white version of the track for the most part, even most of the road signs, its only broken slightly by the red and white crash barriers.
    but hey its only one variant out of so many others (“,)

  • john

    and people thought the wet weather race showed too much grip. if it was deep snow, then maybe. with winter tyres on they still need snow to grip on , not slush

  • Pe11e

    Damn, 130kph through T2. As far as I can remember, 140-150kph is standard speed for this turn when the track is dry. Too much grip? Noooooooo not at all. xD

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Yes, I will definitely be giving this a go…lol…

  • pastor_tedhaggard

    lol 70-80mph through 3 fast rights, in the snow, in any car? total BS. I’d believe it if it was a WRC car that was being driven, not a nissan GTR, even with its trick 4×4.

  • Zell Cuulman

    …game for kids…pfff.

  • Nigel TrackNutz

    No wheelspin on power? And if traction control is on there is no evidence of it actually trying to control power. Hmmmmmm.

  • Damo

    Far too much grip, pretty awful track textures, lack of snow in the air but plenty hitting the windscreen, low-poly curbs – it’s not exactly impressive if I’m honest. Lovely screenshot generator though.

    PCars will forever be all style no substance (which is fine for the more casual racer) and this website has become more and more an embarrassing marketing tool for it, the bias in how news is reported is painfully obvious.

    • anonymouse

      It started long ago, nothing new.

      • Damo

        Oh I’m fully aware, I’m an old poster, it’s just been stepping up again as the second installment gets closer.

    • HardRock

      Funny, I thought a sim has to look good to be a “lovely screenshot generator” as you put it. It is that though, I agree, but with plenty of substance when you compare the content it has compared to any other sim on the PC.

      As for the news here, where do you see the bias exactly? And please don’t say the post balance between sims. As an old poster I’m sure you know how the news work around the release of a new sim.

    • wajdi nujeidat

      I got a ban 3 times, because I have said the same thing about the evident bias of this blog…..PCARS!

  • Manuel Riger

    I think real life is not realistic i nearly crashed on snow with 40 km/h on a corner for 2 years 😀 But this video shows me a second reality

  • ipitydafool

    Hmm, pretty sure he would have been in the barriers several times in real life at those speeds in the snow.

    • Ivan Zana

      Yup, 200km in that slush would equal a fatality. These developers never drove in the snow.

  • Sloeri

    Wish the uploaders of such videos would mention that not all tracks are fully finished in all weather conditions yet…(like this track)
    On the tracks who are finalized, you can’t drive like a maniac (like in the above video) as if it is “just” a wet track, rather than snow/ice.
    hell, taking any high powered car, is nearly impossible without it being like a drift car.

    This gives a totally wrong impression on how it actually will be, and is on finalized tracks.
    just saying. (for the haters around, start trashing me with fanboyism posts… yes… have AC, Iracing, GTR2 and many others, and love em all…)

    • HardRock

      Thanks for the confirmation. I posted a similar comment yesterday, but since I wanted to show how a finished track drives even in the rain, and included a video, the post hasn’t shown up yet due to moderation. 🙂

  • Marcel

    Pc2 hype-train is more like a roller-coaster. One video I am super excited, the next i almost loose my hope

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