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Watch SimRacingGirl Review Fanatec’s CSL Line

SimRacingGirl, a promising new sim racing Youtuber, has released her review of Fanatec’s brand new CSL line, putting the new products through the motions.

SimRacingGirl, a promising new sim racing Youtuber, has released her review of Fanatec’s brand new CSL line, putting the new products through the motions.

The Clubsport Light Series (CSL) comes with many of the features of Fanatec’s high-end ClubSport series, concentrating purely on durability and performance for a competitive price.

The CSL line is headlined by the new CSL Elite Wheel Base that is positioned between Fanatec’s CSW V1 & V2 wheel bases. Using a belt-driven brushless servo motor, the wheel base comes with 1080 degrees wheel rotation and built-in LED shifting light band.

The new base is of course fully compatible to Fanatec’s extensive line of steering wheel rims and the universal wheel hub that allows to use any third-party aftermarket rim. Unlike the more pro-oriented CSW base, the CSL Elite base also comes with a built-in table clamp.

CSL Elite Wheel Base Features

  • Ultra strong brushless servo motor which delivers >6Nm of torque on the steering axis
  • Single Drive unit for direct power transfer from motor to steering axis and with big ball bearings for lowest friction
  • Very fast steering wheel acceleration – ideal for drifting
  • 1080° of rotation which can be adjusted in the tuning menu of the attached Steering Wheel
  • Integrated rev light bar in the Wheel Base
  • Quick Release system to allow the easy exchange of Steering Wheels within seconds, also during gameplay
  • Supports vibration motors in the Steering Wheel (depending on the Steering Wheel model)
  • Mount for ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles and other optional accessories
  • Firmware can be updated with new features
  • Fast 500 Hz USB update rate
  • Allows connection of two external shifters (e.g. H-pattern and sequential) in parallel
  • Connection ports for peripheral devices: USB, Power, Pedals, Shifter 1, Shifter 2, Handbrake

Alongside the wheel base, Fanatec has also unveiled the matching CSL Elite Pedals and Load Cell Kit.

Coming with a two-pedal layout, the CSL Elite Pedals can be extended into a three-pedal layout with the addition of the optional Load Cell Kit that will add a state of the art load cell brake pedal to the whole setup.

CSL Elite Pedals Features

  • Plug and play pedals with throttle and brake pedal unit
  • Pedal units and heel rest made from solid Aluminum
  • Brake pedal with metal spring and PU foam damper for pressure braking simulation and more realism
  • Extra long pedals for more realism and comfort
  • Adjustable horizontal distance between pedal units, allows asynchronous setup
  • Ability to easily remove pedals from heelrest and install them together with the electronics in cockpits or stands seperately
  • 12bit resolution potentiometers
  • Heel rest offers large rest surface
  • Detachable rubber pedal covers offer good grip on soft surface
  • Direct connection to Fanatec Wheel Bases and Racing Wheels

 Load Cell Kit Features

  • Extends CSL Elite Pedals for a loadcell brake and uses the former brake unit as clutch pedal
  • The whole pedal arm is a load cell sensor
  • Pedal pressure up to 90 kg
  • Pedal unit made from Aluminum
  • Adjustable brake force by PC driver software or Wheel Base tuning menu
  • Adjustable brake resistance and travel by exchangable rubber buffers. No tools needed.
  • Detachable rubber pedal covers offer good grip and softer pedal surface
  • Applicable anti-skid-pads (3) for the pedal surface offer a perfect grip for racing shoes
  • USB connection to PC
  • Direct connection to Fanatec Wheel Bases and Wheels
  • Dedicated port for ClubSport Handbrake

The CSL Elite Wheel Base sells for 319,95 Euros while the CSL Elite pedals retail for 89,95€. Add another 139,95€ for the additional load-cell kit.

All products can now be ordered in the Fanatec webshop.

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