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Watch Rene Rast Prepare For The 2017 DTM Season With Project CARS

Watch Rene Rast prepare for his 2017 DTM season with Project CARS.

German sports car racing ace is a new addition to the 2017 field of the Germany’s hugely-popular DTM series, driving his first full season for Audi.

To prepare for his new challenge, the seasoned sports car racer is using Project CARS in his home simulator to get to grips with the DTM’s unique touring cars.

You can watch footage of Rene’s practice below, showing a quick lap around Hockenheim, posting a 1:34 minute lap that is comparable to last year’s real-life race lap times.

  • Richard Hessels

    For training he could better use the Raceroom DTM pack.

    • AL_D

      No, pcars is the better simulation 🙂

  • vilivili

    No matter if this is an old topic, there’s still a good chance that we’ll see some colorful conversation.. 🙂

  • anonymouse

    More like “has started recording videos as per marketing contract agreements.”

    • pez2k

      I don’t believe he’s ever been contracted by SMS, but as far as I’m aware he got his Fanatec gear for free so I can’t rule out them. It’s good promotion for him in general I suspect.

      • anonymouse

        While it surely doesn’t hurt (or maybe it does considering how he supposedly helped them with the physics and it took them 8 major patches to get the physics half-decent), by being a factory Audi driver he doesn’t really need the free promotion, especially if it is of no benefit to his professional career. He has already driven in LMP1 (which is/was the top of Audi’s ladder), he’s already achieved a lot of positive results in GT3 and LMP2, so what would be the point of doing these videos if it wasn’t for some sort of monetary gain? Because he genuinely enjoys the game? Maybe, but he has Daytona next week and all the drivers are in full swing for the final preparations.

        It would be dumb of him to waste time “testing” for something that is months away while there’s something much more important right around the corner, especially if you pull your hands from the wheel after just one lap. That’s not testing, that’s just doing a 5 minutes video so that SMS can use it as promotion.

        Nothing wrong with that, as long as he’s paid, he can do what he wants.

        Whoever wrote this article is also just trying to make it pass this as if he has never driven a DTM car before. Well, he did half a season last year. That’s just dishonesty.

      • Steven Shears

        Except that VR have already posted nearly all videos he did during that time before and we’ve all seen them. So its hardly dishonest. Its the fact he’s driving a full season thats new. Nothing else.

      • pez2k

        His feedback on the physics was generally some comments on how some of the cars should drive and an idea of the sort of setup he’d run, rather than frequent indepth testing like Ben Collins or Nic Hamilton.

        As for promotion, would you and I be discussing Rene Rast and his upcoming DTM season if he hadn’t posted this video? I personally wouldn’t even know he was competing this year. I suspect he’s gathered a lot of fans he didn’t have previously with these videos – his Youtube channel has over 5000 subscribers.

    • Rlee

      Give it up man. You didn’t hurt the game sales anymore than the media stopped Trump from becoming President.

      Time to find your safe space.

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