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Watch & Learn From The Master: Reference Laps With Lewis Hamilton

Polyphony Digital has released an extensive new video showing Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton in action with GT Sport.

Instead of the usual marketing fluff videos where real life drivers are shown racing in the virtual world and blindly praising a product, this one actually has plenty of educational value even for those sim racers who don’t care about GT Sport.

The extensive video (almost 50 minutes in length!) gives us a rare look at a reigning Formula One champion’s driving style (including pedal footage!) as we get to watch Hamilton gradually improve his lap times around the Nürburgring Grand Prix track in the Mercedes AMG GT3 car.

So sit down and watch one of the best racing drivers on the planet in action, and you might learn a thing or two! The only thing missing? The same video for the full Nordschleife course, please!

  • Leynad

    You can likely buy the car for real with the money he got for this video;-)

  • Jorge Okamoto

    Is the wheel a Thrustmaster T-GT?

    • MC


  • bejvalo

    …and where is the master?

  • MC

    Not sure I agree with Kaz, he looks distinctly ordinary in that video, any sim racer/gamer would do a similar job. Dunno where the lap times overall would put him.

    Only thing I found sort of interesting was on the brakes, how he’s using partial applications in some corners, as on F1 coverage they show the brake overlay as on/off and not the pressure they’re applying (like they used to).

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