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Watch First Moving Footage of iRacing’s New Dirt Content

iRacing has released first moving footage of their upcoming dirt content.

iRacing will soon be adding a major new feature to their online racing simulation, introducing loose-surface racing to the sim.

After having us shown several bits and pieces of the new functionality during the past months, we now get to see the new dirt content in motion for the very first time, getting to watch a test run at Eldora Speedway.

Keep in mind that this is work-in-progress footage of the new feature.

  • Gulyás Tamás

    I spent lot of money to iR but this was bad step/direction…
    Dirt in iR…hahaha

    • babadook13

      Then don’t buy it.. Hahaha

      • Gulyás Tamás

        I won’t …hahaha

      • quf

        lol.. hahaha

      • Matt Orr

        pass the laughing gas.. hahaha

      • stef4o23

        stop it, this is contag.. hahaha

      • Sam

        Have you guys ever had Ethiopian food? No?
        Neither have them! Hahaha

      • Matt Orr


      • babadook13

        Me neither.. Hahaha

  • ImageArtSigns .

    I suppose it is just an extension of Oval Racing on solid ground really….best of luck iRacing on this…I will purchase some of the content to be curious.

    • Bakkster

      There will be rallycross as well.

  • Stepreo

    Looking forward to this, dirt is a niche (particularly dirt oval) that hasn’t been filled by any title (sim or otherwise) so should add some extra participation to iRacing. Fun to get sideways from time to time as well!

  • dd101

    Rally special stages might be fun option, but the main benefit behind this move is RAIN that won’t take long to arrive (in terms of iRacing world of course).

    • RapidRefund

      Oval is iRacing’s Prime forte it’s a logical place for them to start the transitions to soft surface based physics away from the bituminous type physics as the only offering

  • Matt Orr

    167000+ views. Yup, no one cares about dirt oval racing. LOL

    People who are against iRacing developing dirt are missing the point – even if you aren’t interested in dirt, it’s the single biggest untapped base out there and will likely result in the single largest influx of new drivers iRacing could have at this point in time.

    • Bakkster

      Not to mention the work here is laying the groundwork for other improvements, like rain and gravel traps and grass runoffs which behave more realistically.

      • Matt Orr

        Really makes you wonder – with the dynamic track improvements and changes this season (with the dust on the road at the start of a session) and potentially gravel traps that would actually work – could it be the impending death of the 1x?

      • Bakkster

        Just look at what they’ve done with Le Mans and making the paved runoffs a slowdown warning instead of 1x. There was talk of making these areas a permanently dirty and gravely surface to make it an inherent disadvantage, but it missed the build.

        I think the 1x will and should stay for going off the paved track, but I think with those two changes getting propagated to other tracks (namely Spa) it should be the end of 1x from paved areas.

    • Carlos Mastretta Jr.

      Yup, and I think people will be surprised with how much dirt oval racing can help and expand driving skill.

  • delpinsky

    Even though I will never buy iRacing because of its monthly subscription model, which is not for me, since I prefer to own the game I purchase, I’m glad to see competition among developers. This creates improvements in the sims we love the most, because devs are forced to push their limits further.

    • Francesco Kasta

      I second that. I find dirt racing particularly intriguing and if it weren’t for its monthly subscription model I would have bought most of iRacing content already.

    • LithiumFox

      Eh, I treat it much the same I treat going to a go-kart track. In fact it’s a lot cheaper than doing that

      But i totally get you. (I just own everything for everything so… lol)

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