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Watch First Gameplay Footage of R3E’s Porsche 911 GT3-R

Earlier today, R3E revealed the Porsche 911 GT3-R as the last addition to the three-car Porsche DLC pack for R3E

Now, we get to check out Porsche’s GT3 weapon in action for the very first time as Youtuber Jimmy Broadbent has shared a video of him racing the unreleased car at Macau.

How does the GT3-R fare against the competition on one of the world’s toughest street tracks? Find out by watching below.

The GT3-R will be joined by the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup and the Cayman GT4 in a future R3E update that will be available “very, very soon”.

RaceRoom Racing Experience is available here.

  • Leynad

    Just tried the Ruf GT3 recently, which should have the same physics and the owners should get some price-reduction for purchasing this new silhouette. 8:11 on VLN isn’t that fast, but fast enough for 16th place on the official challenge that day and it was boring to drive for me. Compare to pCars 2 this was rather simcade. Did some laps with the new AMG and Corvette GT3 and kind of the same. I think the telemetry and lap-times are pretty good, but it felt like pCars 2 light.

    • Bulle

      The Ruf is based on the Porsche 997 while the upcoming GT3 R is based on the Porsche 991… so it is not only a new silhouette.
      Great that you like Pcars2… for me it is to much simcade- it still feels like NFS Shift for me. So I prefer Raceroom… likings are different… 😉

      And by the way… you drove a 8:11 in that competition? The best time in that Competition was 7:50.133. So you were 21 seconds slower. That 16th place you’ve seen was only the place in the 3rd Division (means the Time is above 104% of the Leading time)

      • Leynad

        I know that some guys are running incredible and total unrealistic lap times in RR and don’t know how they do it, but it’s not a good sign and seems some are exploiting this game. On this Mercedes DTM Hockenheim qualification the best sim-racers were astonishingly few seconds slower than in the leaderboards before with times unter 1:29, which are impossible.

        8:11 is a reasonable good time to feel the physics and it’s simcade.

      • Bulle

        Leaderboard-Times are drivin under perfect conditions with 50l Fuel (fixed) on board. In Qualification it is all up to you. If you go out with enough fuel for 3 laps and manage your tires perfect for the only fast lap, you are considerably faster with less fuel.
        I know the laps from Flamedphoenix for example who has drivin the 7:50-Time in that competition. And yes, some may call it exploit, some not – he uses the Track as far as possible – so in a range in which he don’t get a Penalty. Some may say that he leaves the track on some points. but as long everybody can do it, it is not cheating. And these guys train alot for that. In PCars it’s the same with those guys… I often recognize the same names with the fastest laps drivin on a track in PC2.
        It’s not a new thing that the times in Sims are faster than in real world – even if the conditions are equal – in a sim you don’t risk your health. Especially in leaderboards the people drive like hell and prey that they don’t lose the car – if the lose it – never mind, just do a restart… unfortunately some of them drive like that in Multiplayer-races, too…

        With the old DTM-Cars you are right… they are a bit to fast. There Physicsmodell is still based on the first release of R3E – hope they’ll get an update soon.

      • Leynad

        I’m doing Time-Trials in PC2 and yes, the fast boys are fast, but i get far more close to the top there. You can setup the car for more oversteer and better traction, but you can only do what’s possible from the physics and you may get hot tyres and loose traction in the end, so more consequences.

        Something missing in Raceroom and extreme toe-setups for example doesn’t slow down cars on the straight. Tyre pressure and temps are always okay no matter what you do. Lowest driving height always recommended because you can’t bottom out anyway. If PC2 is NFS Shift, RR is Mario Kart.

      • Bulle

        I’m totally ok when RR is like Mario Kart… Mario Kart is still great fun after 25 years. And to be honest I even liked NFS Shift as I had expected nothing from it…
        I’m totally ok with those who like PC2, as it delivers a really awesome package with great content and visuals and a lot of features that in other sims like Raceroom or AC are missing. But the overly praising of PCars2 physics and FFB that can be read everywhere are rediculus – I simply can’t get it… And the reactions to Jan Seyffarth’s video about PCars2 on Nordschleife in which he exactly talked about that was on one side very entertaining but on the other side very frustrating… Not the best advertising for a sim-community…

      • Leynad

        Seyffarth was driving the XBox version with some weird FFB, false FOV, likely a lot of input-lag and before patch 3. He just uploaded a video about his new PC and let’s see what he thinks there first. Nordschleife is identical in elevation in all versions, so this should not be any issue.

      • melanieuk1

        Just a quick question, I haven’t tried Race Room since the update, and the release of yet another GT3 car pack.

        Does Race Room now have various tyre compound like Soft, Medium and Hard tyres?.

        I also posted a comment about the state of simracing software here on how simracing could have been, if the community had supported other sim racing developers, rather than just having a wet one over everything ISI based, I really do think that company has destroyed the simracing market with its monopoly over the simracing engine, when there was other company at the time, that did a better job than they had done at the time, but just because of the “off the shelf” easy to mod feature of the engine, it would be great if other developers created their own engine, rather than going for the quick easy money route.

        There is a reason why every single ISI based Engine title are doing so poor on steam, and this needs to be addressed.

      • Qwerty

        Yes RR does simulate different tire compound and tire temps. I’m not sure if compounds are for all cars yet though. They were first released for Indy cars and fr-x17.

      • Nic Van

        The link you provided is from 2008?

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