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Watch First Gameplay Footage of DiRT 4

First gameplay footage of DiRT 4 has surfaced on Youtube.

Yesterday, Codemasters announced their upcoming DiRT 4 in a somewhat surprising fashion and today, we can already check out first footage of the upcoming rally title.

First off-screen gameplay footage of the title has surfaced on Youtube, allowing us to take a first peek at the title in action. The footage shows the title’s Playstation 4 version in action, including a look at the new UI system.

While DiRT Rally was all focused on classical stage rallying as seen in the World Rally Championship (and subsequent addition of rally cross), DiRT 4 will bring back other forms of off-road racing into the mix that were already part of the first three DiRT titles.

The standout feature of the new title will be what Codemasters calls “Your Stage”, a stage creation tool that will create an infinite numbers of new rally stages based on the players’ parameters.

More details on this unique feature will be revealed closer to the release as DiRT 4 will be coming to the PC, Playstation 4 & Xbox One in June 2017.

  • 0100

    Oh lord, these two…

  • EZehn

    Man. I thank these people for being first to get video footage and details out there but wew lad….they are not exactly ambassadors of the sim racing community. 😉


    They comment the guys on the rigs had the real rally car with the cage..
    And they had a upgraded something. Tells you how much they know about rally.
    They ran an Evo 6 rally car, a real wrc car. Rigs were running a sandbuggy thing..

  • joe pineapples

    Should have been my 76yr old mam….probably more relevant (she has played Dirt 2 a bit…ok for 20secs).

  • Chillisteak

    Hehe this video is going to anger so many people, I LOVE IT!

  • noroardanto

    Copied from youtube:
    JerwoodVEVO2 hours ago
    I dont understand why codemasters gave this to you, no knowledge of sim racing let alone the title… not a knock at you personally just a weird decision by codemasters

    Erased Citizens2 hours ago
    JerwoodVEVO That’s a fair comment, Jerwood. Codemasters didn’t invite us personally, they invited the website we work for and the website happened to send us. This is how the gaming press works. Our videos are not representative of the way we report on games we see at events. These videos are supposed to be informal, almost like the way you’d talk to a friend about games.

  • Patrik Marek

    looks actually pretty good 🙂

  • Mat S

    i noticed the max length slider maxed at around 12-13 km. was hoping for some 20-40km epic stages

  • Leynad

    Seems that this random track feature is a huge part of the game, whereas memorizing the track and using the co-driver-notes as a help is more like in real life or Dirt Rally. Sounds nice as an extra-feature, but i want enough fixed Rallye-stages to learn and little to no arbitrariness.

  • Me

    I hope they keep the VR support up for the PC version. Was bummed when they didn’t offer VR for the last F1 game…which was pretty great otherwise.
    Codies really made a heck of a turnaround, from the outhouse to the penthouse. Hope they keep that trend going. I always loved the Dirt series, looking forward to this.

  • RapidRefund

    I really am none to serious about sim racing anymore and cringe when I think just how much time I put in and how addicted I was. Now I play every once in awhile with a just for fun mindset and one title I think that could be revamped and brought up to date with handling modes and graphics to suit all audiances would be the Dirt Track Racing series with a DTR3 or a Rally Trophy 2

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