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VW Polo Challenge – First Previews

VW Polo Challenge – First Previews

The Simco Modding Team and sompir have received permission from eddy3spain to convert his VW Polo from Richard Burns Rally to rFactor.

Their VW Polo Challenge will include three different versions of the car, pleasing both road racers and off-road enthusiasts. The ADAC VW Polo Challenge and the Polo GT cup will be accompanied by the VW Porlo Rally Cross Championship.

Below are the first previews of the car, showing both exterior and interior details.

Screenshots via rFactorcentral

  • F1Racer

    Car looks good in the main, but man it is quite compromised on the wheel arches with polygon count.

  • Siggs

    Nice to see more rally machinery in rF 😎

  • commodore

    Lens flare?! :haha:

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