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VRE Full Size Stock Car Simulator – Photos & Video

VRE has build an impressive full-size stock car simulator.

We have already seen plenty of impressive simulators over the years but the following definitely is noteworthy. The guys at Virtual Racing Experience have build a full-size stock car simulator, allowing sim racers to experience virtual stock car racing in a very authentic atmosphere.

The simulator is built into an authentic stock car, featuring a triple-screen setup fit into the car along with a button box and authentic steering wheel + seat. The simulator runs ARCA Sim Racing, you can check it out on photos and in a short video below.

More info on VRE can be found on their website.

  • Diego Colafabio


    • Struan Robertson

      Unfortunately the cost of this rig would probably not even cover the cost of one race day in that type of vehicle. So for people saying do it for real, get a grip.

  • Diego Colafabio

    Crazy 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t understand why someone would do this. You bought a stock car! Just put an engine in it and go! We play sims because we can’t afford a real race car. If I could afford to track a Formula 3 car I’d be doing that, not playing a sim.

    • Den Burnout

      An old stack car shell is probably dirt cheap. And I’d think building a sim out of it would still be a LOT less money than paying for a season of racing, tyres, fuel, transport, crew, etc, etc, etc. besides if one can afford something fun in today’s world where humour and fun tends to be banned or just frightened out of people, why not? If I had the cash, well, I’d probably buy the SimXperience rig to be honest, but still, it’s no reason to belittle another person’s choice.

      • Anonymous

        Hmm, belittle is a harsh word. Just criticizing the wisdom of using an entire car and then replacing it with sim parts. Do you see an outlet and an Ethernet cable going out to that curb, by the way?

      • Den Burnout

        Good point. heh. Looks like it’s just some type of demo/display car anyway. I know I wouldn’t do something like this merely because it’s too focused on one aspect of the hobby. (NASCAR) Of course after seeing what some of the Flight Sim guys build, it could be one guy who built it.

  • Me

    What the…?!

    Safer I guess…

  • Anonymous

    Freaking pointless! If you can afford one of these, you better make sure you own a few real track cars as well, or you deserve a roundhouse kick to the face.

    • Nicolas Grignon


    • Anonymous

      A roundhouse kick to the face?

      So let me get this straight, he bougth a used stockcar (probably a rolling chassi without motor and gearbox), turned it into a racing simulator and because of that he deserves a roundhouse kick to the face?

      I normally see comments like these on webcommunities with ‘questionable’ content and I always thought simracers were better than the people there.
      Perhaps I should review that opinion now…

      • Anonymous

        Get a grip man it was a joke to express how pointless I find it and that the guy needs some sense knocked in to him if he doesn’t actually own a few race cars.
        But that clearly went straight over your head, so please go back to the box you crawled out of.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t see the funny side in telling people they deserve to get beaten for doing something others feel pointless about doing.
        Who are you to tell people what they can and can’t do?

        And why does that guy “needs some sense knocked in to [sic] him if he doesn’t actually own a few race cars” ?

      • Anonymous

        I’m the creator of funk band called psychedelic frost bite, and we are here to tell the world how to live. Why? Because some people just do it wrong!!
        For example you and the nut job who created this monstrosity. 😉

      • Anonymous

        If you say so… 😛

  • Jos

    dem left-turns…

  • Buzz Fledderjohn

    the thing that made me think “eeew!” was that blatantly pasted on the 1st pic logo and text missing from other shots, that just looks sooo bad

    Pointless – maybe. I agreed with that, but if it serves the purpose for the guys who build it, then maybe it’;s good enough for that purpose and no need to criticise them. Not news worthy really otherwise 🙂

  • Wim

    Whats up with the constant complaining about just everything? As a simracer , i find this freaking awesome. It might be expensive, or over the top, but its done because it can. And as a Marketing showcase element, its superb. Check out E3 in a while. Some of the booths cost more then this, and thats just for one show.

    I love this project,There is nothing to bitch about IMO, and if i had the money, i would do crazier stuff.

    • Den Burnout

      I like it.

    • Anonymous

      Well said about the complaining about everything, thumbs up.

      • Anonymous

        No your wrong. Was not about his work at all but many of us don’t see one building as news. We think what feels3 is doing is great and his track has a great layout. The news just may be premature.

  • wajdi nujeidat

    With less money he could have the best motion simulator in the world that gives much more realism and immersion than this static car!

  • John Panuccio

    Appreciate for sharing this Blog..

    Stock Video

  • Christopher Taylor Overland

    That is definitely NOT Arca Sim Racing, did the writer of this article do ANY research? That’s a big no no to mix up iRacing and ASR. That’s like calling a fat girl pregnant.


  • Anonymous

    Would I do this? No but don’t see a problem with it Maybe he intends to pick up chicks with it at the race track? Who knows but it’s not my place to question his enthusiasm for doing this. Did we just not see a Champ Car Simulator that costs as much as a house? I agree I would buy a Formula BMW or a Star Mazda Car first but worst he might do is cut himself on a sharp edge or something. Live and let Live people.

  • Sim Factory LLC

    This simulator is something to be experienced, when he begins touring with it, those within reach should give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. This is a dream brought to life through passion and dedication by someone strong enough to follow it through. We are very happy to be a part of Rusty’s project and look forward to him sharing this with everyone.

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