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VLN Mod 2007 1.2 – Released

VLN Mod 2007 1.2 – Released

DeDios has released a new version of his VLN 2007 mod for rFactor. The new version features various changes listed below and is available in both full and upgrade version.


– deleted all wet tyres from tbc files
– updated damage model for gallardo & a4/rs4
– moved Moore BMW M3 from SP7 to SP6

Attention: Please delete the “24HVLN Mod” folder in X:/rFactor/gamedata/vehicles before installing.

Download VLN 2007 1.2 Full Version Here

Download VLN 2007 1.2 Upgrade Version Here

  • DeDios

    thanks mate πŸ˜‰

  • HSken

    I get this error when loading the track:
    ERROR opening MAS file NOS_GMT.MAS.

  • AdY

    IN-CRI-DI-BLE!! 103 cars… respect!! AdY 😎

  • Tony A

    Guys the link is broken … is there any other site hosting this mod please ??

  • Shelby

    Sorry, but I can’t load the download site…
    Is this mod still online at this page?

  • Quertreiber

    same Problem here. Error 404 Page cannot be displayed πŸ™

  • DeDios

    mmh Rob needs to update links, sorry πŸ™‚

  • THE

    When will the links be updated?
    I can’t find another mirror!!

  • DeDios

    try to search my mod in πŸ˜‰ you’ll find it (need to register)

    πŸ˜‰ enjoy!

  • THE

    When loading a race, i get this error:
    ERROR opening talent.mas!!
    what can i do?

  • Anonymous

    click add/remove programs/uninstall rfactor

    change it to gtr

  • Siggs

    would it not be worth doing a bit of work on the models such as the civic or the clio, to bring them in line with the quality of teh other models, most seem to be from GTR2. With permission from the authors of course. Β¬_Β¬

    It is great having some of the cars you wouldn’t normally have in rF, especially the 350Z and the Z3 Mcoupe, and they all drive relatively well, but reskinning a 911 does not a cayman make im afraid. πŸ˜›


  • Inverso

    where i find link for a download .. still itΒ΄s wrong link guys

  • Kaiser of Nurburg

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