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VirtualR – Now With More Speed!

VirtualR has gotten a bump in speed thanks to technical innovations behind the scenes.

As you might have noticed during the past few hours, VirtualR has gotten a substantial speed increase as the site has received major technical renovations within the last few days.

This should especially benefit users from outside Europe as until now, VirtualR has been hosted on one single server located in Germany. Now, the site uses an infrastructure called a “Content Delivery Network” which uses a network of servers around world, automatically selecting the location closest to each user to serve the content stored on this site.

The results should be improved loading times for users in North America, Asia & Australia so hopefully visiting VirtualR will be a much more smoother affair from now on!

Since the changes on the technical background have been somewhat substantial, there might be an odd error showing up here and there (although it shouldn’t), please report any bugs you might find while browsing the site in the comments below.

I would like to point out that these investments in the site’s infrastructure are only possible because of my incredibly loyal advertisers who are vital in keeping VirtualR healthy and afloat…so check out their products once in a while, they’re awesome!

  • Danfilm007

    Irony how one of my favorite websites is getting faster yet my internet only gets slower… 😛

  • Peter Aksenov

    Так держать!

  • Derek Speare

    Speed is good! Keep up the great work keeping us up to “speed” on all the latest and greatest sim racing facts!

  • Sim Antics

    Your ISP gave you a free speed upgrade?

  • ftrracingtv

    as someone from Australia I never found your website slow

    • MontoyaVR

      Really? I spend some time in Canada and Dubai this year and I was pretty shocked how slow and unresponsive the site seemed.

      • wajdi nujeidat

        I’m from Israel and the site speed was good for me even with my iPhone!

      • Den

        I’m in Canada and must say I’ve never had an issue. Sometimes Disqus won’t load but not enough to matter. Love what you do for us and appreciate an unbiased place to get REAL sim news. My only complaint if you want to call it that is personal as I wish you’d still announce GT Legends stuff as there’s still a LOT of new mods and tracks constantly coming out. Like I said, just my own “I want this.” thing. lmao. Love what you’re doing and a HUGE THANK YOU!!

  • Fabface

    My phone doesn’t load the mobile version of the site anymore, anybody having the same problem? else something must be wrong with this phone…

    • vorph666

      Same here. Since last weekend the mobile version is not working correctly. I’m using Chrome on an iPhone.

      • Fabface

        exactly, it started last weekend, using Chrome on Android…

      • MontoyaVR

        This may very well be a problem on the site’s end then, i’m investigating.

      • Mario Strada

        For what it’s worth, I am seeing about a 1 second increase in speed at my end. California, USA. I am a web developer so I have all sort of goodies in my browsers to measure load times and I do see your pages loading a bit faster.

        They are still around 3.x seconds though (as opposed to 4.x second or 5 before), albeit the content in each page does make a difference. Also the number of comments may skew things a bit, but all in all it is faster. CDNs are great. Or I should say it’s great how affordable and available they have become.

      • vorph666

        The main start page ist the “desktop” version. But now after clicking the articles it switches to mobile view. Half way done 🙂

    • delpinsky

      My smartphone (Android 4.4.4), with Chrome loads everything smoothly (video, images, comments). Usually I use PC for, so I tried it now for the 1st time.

      • Fabface

        Yes it loads everything, but does it load the mobile version or desktop version of the main page?

      • delpinsky

        It loads both mobile and desktop version. Now I’m writing in mobile mode.

  • Pe11e

    Never experienced VirtualR slow loading or responsivness. But in the other hand I’m in Europe…

  • Alan Dallas

    Man you’re not kiding Montoya. Just loaded the site from my Moto X and expected a delay from here in AZ. But nope, loaded instantly. Nice update!

  • smartin13

    wow that’s fast now

  • QUF

    number of comments per article from front page isn’t updating any more. at least for me.

  • Alexandre Martini

    awesome… have been following for years now, best blog on sim racing, keep up the good work! 😉

  • Andrew

    On the topic of the website, I notice that the times on the front page don’t update automatically. The top story “Game Stock Car Extreme – Coming to Steam Soon!” says it was posted 8 minutes ago but it’s actually been up since yesterday, at least 12 hours.

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