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VirtualR goes Twitter

VirtualR goes Twitter

VirtualR joins one of the internet’s biggest revolutions these days by joining the Twitter-craze. Twitter is a service that lets users communicate by short 140 character messages called tweets. What started as a service for personal blogging has become a professional tool that is used by many big companies and politicians.

How does it work? The VirtualR Twitter feed brings you short`n sweet little notifications whenever something significant happens in the sim racing world. If it’s new stunning previews, the release of a highly anticipated mod or else – You´ll be notified in an instant.

Twitter is extremely flexible, messages can be included in your Facebook page, your website, your instant messenger or your desktop. Tweets can even be received by your mobile phone, keeping you in touch with the latest in sim racing – Wherever you are.

To join the fun, simply click the Twitter logo in the header or here to get to the VirtualR Twitter page to start following my updates. Make sure to click here to find some interesting software that will help you make most of the Twitter updates.

  • maxs

    congratulations and thank you 🙂

  • ScHiRoCk

    Im a bit doubtfull 🙂
    can someone convince me :sd:

  • timwheatley

    If it helps, there is a plugin for wordpress which allows your post here to automatically be posted on twitter. You can configure it quite a lot, so you could perhaps use your post titles as the tweet, linking to the post itself.

  • Montoya

    Schirock, Twitter is absolutely free and comes with no strings attatched. So trying it won’t hurt and will keep you up to date 😉

    Tim, thanks I had a look at that and decided against it. The tweets can be a little longer as the usual post title and I want to use the additional space.

    Plus, I don’t want the Twitter feed to become a copy of the RSS feed, it will be a little different and not every content item will end up there.

  • Cristi Rus

    yey. thank you for being on twitter too. woohoo.

  • Paul Kelly

    Tweet-tweet — I’m following VirtualR on Twitter!

    Thanks, Montoya.

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