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Virtual Grand Prix 3 – Lobby Server Opened

Virtual Grand Prix 3 – Lobby Server Opened

Paolo Cattani has released a new version of his Virtual Grand Prix 3 simulation, adding a public online lobby for multiplayer races to the feature list.

In order to use new the lobby server, the newest version of the simulation (0.82) needs to be installed.

Important: The new version may cause some mods to crash. To fix this, the ai config file in the “VGP3\veicoli\mod\config” folder needs to be removed.

Virtual Grand Prix 3 features a full field of Formula cars and five different tracks. The sim sells for reasonable 14,90€ including one year of updates, a free demo is available on the VGP3 website.

  • Uff

    Just a small correction: the folder is VGP3\veicoli\mod\config (it’s not a single folder). 😉

  • NitroStar

    Ain’t nobody in the lobby. I’ll look later 🙁

  • AeroMechanical

    Good to hear. This was probably VGP3’s single greatest weakness as a product. Presumably it will be some time before there are enough people that you could log in any old time and find a public server, but at least it’s now a possibility.

    It’s a good sim.

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