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Virtua_LM Sebring for rFactor 2 – Released

Following their conversion of Mid Ohio, Virtua_LM has brought the second of their high-quality tracks from rFactor to ISI’s new rFactor 2 simulation.

Following their conversion of Mid Ohio, Virtua_LM has brought the second of their high-quality tracks from rFactor to ISI’s new rFactor 2 simulation.

Using the proven quality of the rFactor version as base, the track has been equipped with all the new possibilities rFactor 2 offers track makers as you can check out in the previews below.

Sebring is a perfect venue for sports car and touring car racing, making this one of the must-have tracks that should not be missing in any rFactor 2 installation.

[toggle title=”Click Here for the full Readme”] History
•03.19.2011 – v1.00: rFactor
•06.27.2011 – v1.00: GTR2 version
•08.07.2011 – v1.00: GT-Legends/Race 07 versions
•10.09.2011 – v1.01: GT-Legends AIW update
•07.29.2012 – v1.90: rFactor 2 – Beta 1

Amax (archive), Chris (car modelling), Dave_3D (car modelling), DerDumeKlemmer (conversion), Discocandy (painting), Ethone (track modelling), Etone (archive), emac (IT and webmaster), F1Driver (painting), Gmilno (AIW), HarryCS (car modelling), JazzDevil (car modelling), Markus Nissa (car modelling & painting), Monsum (track modelling), Nugit (car modelling and tools), Racer-BR (painting), Swiss Hutless (car modelling), Sylvain (track modelling), T-Spark (painting), Tato (painting), Vassalfada (sounds), Vince Klortho (R&D), Zulu (painting).

Our thoughts also go to our long term friends who built Virtua_LM history: Aprimatic, Burger4man, Danilo, Eden7c, Eclipsee, Joe Bar Team, King Of The Ring, Padajacaba, Revsect, Trumpf.

Beta testers
Arnold Wong, Batman, BSNismo, Bullitt, Christ, David Wright, Desmo, Digitt, DrGroove, Elio75, Elwood, emac, Eric.Bugs, F1Racer, Firefox, gadjo, Greeze, Greybrad, Grietick, Grincheux, Gundam, JBMASS, Kakushi, Kalaan, Khyn, Menro, mianiak, Mika Hirvonen, MilleFeuilles21, MotorFX, Moucham, Mullog, Niko, Nikolovic, Otaugames, Pete Walsh, Punko353, Raegon, Roswell, sg72, Spacekid, SpeedFr, Sticky-Fingers, Sulky, Taz, TheLonely, TheNewBob, Tmsi68, Valgone, Vevex, Yoss.
Special thanks go to….

Image Space Incorporated (ISI) …for providing us with great modding platforms for so many years.
emac …for hosting our forums and for his kindness and honesty in our everyday virtual life.
Our testing team …for their valuable help in the last moments preceding the release.
Our families …, who shared and endured this strange passion during those last years.
Our loyal fans.

Terms and conditions
•Conversion or modification of any of this package’s contents is strictly prohibited, whatever the destination platform.
•Usage of some textures can be granted according to the conditions described inside the Virtua_LM disclaimer written on our website.
•In a more general way, the restrictions of use applied to this package are described inside the disclaimer section of
the Virtua_LM website. Any additional question can be asked (in a polite way) on our forums.[/toggle]

Located in Florida, Sebring is one of the USA’s well known motorsport venues, hosting the annual 12 hour sports car race in March. The track is a rather though one as the raceway is located on a former airfield, most of the circuit utilises concrete pavement with plenty of bumps that have already knocked out the bolts and pieces of many cars.

[boxdownload]Download Virtua_LM Sebring for rFactor 2 Mirror 1 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Virtua_LM Sebring for rFactor 2 Mirror 2 Here[/boxdownload]
  • Matt Orr

    Boy, I tell ye what rF2 looks so terrible.

    That was sarcasm. See how much better things look once you remove the ISI stuff?

    • hoodge1

      gotta highly disagree with you. What kinda rig you got and do you have the graphics and everything maxed out? Every ISI track looks dam amazing right down to the porous holes you see in the concrete on the rumble strips..

      ISI’s portugal track and monte carlo historic tracks look insane..

      Don’t take it personally, but again, you need a better PC or monitor Matt.

      • Matt Orr

        lol. Looks like you missed the sarcasm that I even pointed out.

        i5 2500k, 8 GB RAM, GTX 670 FTW. Everything maxed on a 23″ monitor, about 95 FPS all the time, not a jaggie in sight.

        Monaco looks nice overall. They all look nice through the windshield – not so much from trackside. Otherwise though, they all look very mediocre, particularly when you drive the OW cars. Not to mention the BT20 is the only car that is up to current graphical standards seen even in rF1 right now. The game isn’t even actually out yet the community is doing better. I’ve said this numerous times, but thank god they make an openly moddable sim.

      • hoodge1

        Sarcasm is fine buddy. Still aware we are very early in Beta? Word is that we might not see it go gold for another year.

        Plus they said that they are working more so on the physics model and tire model and the graphics will come last. Hell there’s lots of mod’s on rF1 that look a hell of a lot better then the cars right now in rF2. Figure maybe they are not finished in that area.?

        Don’t worry, a lot of polishing and fine tuning on replay camera shots even is not final..I just kinda find it funny how people complain (not that you are) about graphics, when the important thing for ISI to concentrate on perfecting to their liking is the physics and feel of the engine. That’s all. Can’t wait tho for the next build.

      • David Dominguez Olaondo

        It is Beta for Virtual_LM as well, so no excuses for ISI.

      • hoodge1

        What excuses would ISI need to make. You see a problem with a beta? Its a WIP. Till it comes close to being finished and goes gold, even Pcars can’t be judged yet as I said I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Goes for any beta. So no one needs to be blamed right?

      • Anonymous

        hoodge he was essentially saying..”it looks great”… and you replied like he was putting it down lol!

        Nice computer specs btw! will you buy me one too! haha!

      • hoodge1

        Oh Ya Matt..Forgot to say, your specs on your rig are awesome man. But they are half of what I got.

        I7 3770k @ 4.4ghz/8gb Ripjaws 1600 ram, 1050 watt Corsair PSU, 2 X Asus GTX 680 2gb, 3 internal drives, Asus P8P Z77 V-Pro MB

        Fanatec CSR wheel and a G25, 1 CSR elite Pedals, & 1 Fanatec clubsport pedal. 2 rigs of equivelant HP. One used for a Velocity Racer cockpit, and the other using a Rennsport wheel stand.

        Yes I’m hardcore.

      • Mike Vanhalst

        I hope you are gaming on multiple monitors at an extremely high resolution or all that power goes to waste for simracing.

      • Bjørn Gaardbo

        @ spec-droppers: Measure the penis, woooo!

      • hoodge1

        No kidding. Power and fps. and if your machine does 500fps, it looks no better then 60 vsync’d. Hate screen tearing graphics. Just wanna make sure anything I throw at it will give me a 60fps smooth framerate. All you really need.

      • hoodge1

        Nothing goes to waste.. You got that extra power if needed, and no I don’t game on multiple monitors at this moment.

      • Dan Abbitt

        And you’re specs are less than mine! 3770k @ 5Ghz, 16GB RAM @ 2188, 2x 680 2GB, 1x 128GB PCIe SSD, 1x 1TB SATAIII, 1x 3TB SATAIII, Asus Maximum Rampage V Extreme.

        3x 24″ monitors, 1x ECCI GTS.

        I know what bragging about this achieves, nothing!

      • Gabe Logan

        Yeah – that’s pussy specs – these are mine:
        3990k @ 8.5Ghz, 32GB RAM @ 3000, 3x 690 4GB, 1x 500GB PCIe SSD, 1x 1TB SATAIII, 1x 3TB SATAIII, Asus Maximum Rampage V Extreme.

        12x 28″ monitors, 1x ECCI GTS.
        Ha !

        I win.

      • hoodge1

        Gabe..Now that is insane. Awesome rig!! Your good for years to come. I’am also. Hell Matts specs will be good for all these sims once they get optimized. For Sim racing and for the future with that 3 screen setup, nothing will touch it.

        I’m going 3 screens soon. 28’s sound right. Soon tho, wrap around monitors (just one) will be coming out.. 3 screens with a thin body strip around all three to me doesn’t appeal right now.

        These new monitors will come out and 3 screen seperate monitors will be not as appealing anymore.

        Oh BTW. My rig specs aren’t pussy specs. It’ll be good for years to come at everything I throw at it. You know it.

      • Ricoo

        I’m pretty sure he was sarcastic. 8.5 GHz is impossible without liquid nitrogen, not very practical for everyday use, and 3 GTX690 is not supported by nVidia drivers.

      • hoodge1

        Not bragging Dan. Matt gave me his specs.. I gave him mine. Call that bragging. I don’t think that was bragging.

      • Matt Orr

        The funny thing is, you see exactly the same thing I’m seeing in game. Unless you have unlocked some setting that doesn’t even exist that is.

      • hoodge1

        You have a very beautiful PC Matt.. Don’t worry.. I know I see the things you are seeing. I’m sorry man. I did miss read your first comment and I thought you said you Don’t like ISI made tracks which I think are a lot of fun and well done. No man.. I’m sorry for that if you took it I was rubbing you off..

      • Ahmad

        ISI is working on the entire game while modders only need to focus on one thing.

  • Derek Speare

    Very nicely done – I’m hoping for more tracks from Virtua_LM for rF2!

  • Ricoo

    Nice thanks. 🙂

  • Nazirull Safry Paijo

    Moarr tracks!!

  • Nathan Robinson

    Great news. This is my all time favorite track and i cant wait to drive it in rfactor 2 glory.

  • Ali Alami

    Thank you very much for this amazing track.
    Great efforts as always 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Virtua_LM !

    The track collection is growing slowly, but the quality is there !

  • Chris Wright

    An excellent addition to the rF2 cannon, although sad to note it’s not from ISI. Approx. six weeks since an update, and counting. I prefer the PCars weekly approach, but that’s perhaps because it suits the punter more than the developer. Would be nice to see another rF2 update soon, but one is learning to be patient 🙂

  • Gulyás Tamás

    We need MORE cars !!!!! You are very slow ISI !!!!!

  • David Wright

    I’m not commenting on the quality of ISI tracks and cars – I don’t have rF2 – but the people who produce the cars and tracks are not the ones who are “optimising the game engine, adding features and functionality”. There is no conflict between producing a good quality engine and good quality content.

    • Kevin Brigden

      “There is no conflict between producing a good quality engine and good quality content”

      Budget – The ultimate conflict. No point investing in additional artists when the remit of the sim is to provide a modding platform.

      Marcus: I actually agree with what you’re saying. What I’m suggesting is that complaining about the current quality of the tracks is pointless.

  • Anonymous

    tried it yesterday,

    good work LM, a bit slippery for the FR3.5, and didnt have a setup, but still fun

  • Marcus Reynolds

    I think some of the tracks in RF1 were pretty good actually, Toban is a reasonable looker and good drive for example? I also believe the supplied rf2 tracks are perfectly reasonable tbh

    • Kendra Jacobs

      The stock rfactor tracks are all insanely awesome drives in my oppinion 🙂

  • Chris Wright

    Problem is how many other track mods match what Virtua LM produces? Not many, if any! The reliance on community mods is not a sustainable option, in my view. Project Cars only needs to add decent physics, FFB etc. and by all accounts it will do so, and you have a “blown out of the water” scenario. SMS have been super shrewd with the way they have sought funding and it really is beginning to bear fruit. Those of us also in the WMD program have been given a very focused account of where this game is going and we get worthwhile weekly updates. rF2 is an altogether more haphazard affair. The sim potential is arguably even greater than PCars, but it has an awful long way to go.

    • Ricoo

      rF2 has still a better feel behind the wheel. And AI is also better… rF2 graphics are OK for me. More tracks will be welcomed tho. And SR and iR but there I dream lol

    • Kevin Brigden

      Absolutely agree with what you’re saying here. Guess we’ll have to see how it pans out. If pCars doesn’t get mired too much in sorting it’s superb graphics and ends up with a feature set and physics engne that truly rivals what ISI have done to date… well… I wouldn’t want to be ISI.

  • Mark

    Agree. tbh I actually like the Nissan GTR from ISI.

  • Mark

    All the screenshots/videos I’ve seen so far of RF2 maxed with HDR enabled looked pretty damn good. I strongly believe that when rf2 hits retail the graphics will look even better.

    • punkfest2000

      I think they’ll improve marginally. The underlying engine just isn’t up to task. It’s more like rFactor 1.5 in this department.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        While the ffb and more importantly core physics are DEFINETELY 2.0 🙂

  • John Cheall

    I am struggling to install this. I have it extracted to the packages folder correctly but when I go to the Mod Manager and click ‘install’ the process does not complete. At 50% installation it stalls, creeps on to 66% and finally to 86% then it just disappears, Mod-Manager still saying ‘No’ in the ‘installed’ column. I look in the ‘Locations’ folder and there is a Sebring folder but some of the files in it are zero bytes. Been searching around for solutions without success. Have I missed anything?

  • Anonymous

    Hope to see their LeMans tracks converted to rF2 !

  • Anonymous

    Virtua_LM make the best tracks, Sebring is another classic 🙂

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