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Varshko-Ovragi for Assetto Corsa – Previews

Assetto Corsa off-road specialist TTM is working on bringing KittX’s Varshko-Ovragi to Kunos Simulazioni’s simulation.

Assetto Corsa off-road specialist TTM is working on bringing KittX’s Varshko-Ovragi to Kunos Simulazioni’s simulation.

Originally created for rFactor, the track is located between the two villages of Vashko & Ovragi in the northern suburbs of St.Petersburg. The track comes with four different layouts and two seasons (July and February), offering both ice & gravel racing to please off-road racing fans. Based on Google data, photographs and first hand experience, the track comes with stunning graphics and advanced features such as animated birds & new light flare shaders.

TTM will be the summer version first with a winter version containing ice and snow coming later on.

  • Traumahound

    If TMM can bring enough of the loose-grip feel to this great circuit, this could be fantastic.

  • Ryan Shelton

    Wonder if they’ll make a paved version of this for drifters?

    • KittX

      I’ll make the paved version sooner or later, when I have enough time for it, nowadays busy with other interesting projects 🙂 And TTM will include my pavements and curbs as soon as I make them.

  • Gui Cramer

    Once TTM gets this 1.0 done for AC, I’d like to see him try inputting it in rF2 taking the Lost Valley track from last year as a possible guide to simulate loose surface.

  • TheFourHorsemen

    It reminds me that I own Wreckfest…
    I had forget about it, damn.

  • Sim Antics

    It will give the modders some loose surface to work off of

  • KittX

    I still miss multi-coloring of grass map in vaious areas, like in my rF original track… that place in real life has all kinds of colours on that field. Other than that, great work!

    • KittX

      simple multiply map with ambient occlusion from trees and some color variations from usual green to more worn-brown-yellow would be nice, if can be archived.

      • TTM75

        Don’t worry, conversion is still in very early stage. 🙂 I work with this track when i need break from my Ouninpohja stage, so progress is very slow atm.

      • KittX

        That’s cool. The sunset shot in particular is amazing, reminds me of that atmosphere a lot. Still, AC version looks too “Clean” at this stage, the real place is full of random colors, worn grass and plants, but as you told it is wip, I can provide any material you would want.

  • Jordan Meagher

    looking good love off road tracks … but cant wait to see how isi does real road with dirt roads.

  • RKipker

    Awesome, I would prefer off raod tracks vs. rally point-to-point tracks….! Sorry IMHO these are more fun. I wish we had a sim with the Trophy Truck Racing….. those trucks are fantastic.

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