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V8 Supercar Drivers Talk iRacing – Video

V8 Supercar Drivers Talk iRacing – Video

Back in August, iRacing announced to start hosting an officially-sanctioned V8 Supercar online racing series, allowing sim racers to virtually compete in Australia’s most popular racing series.

The online racing simulation is already quite popular on the V8 Supercar circuit as has interviewed several V8 Supercar drivers on their experience with iRacing.

iRacing already offers the Ford Falcon V8 Supercar race car and the Phillip Island Circuit. iRacing has chosen just the right track to be useful for real drivers as testing time on the Philip Island facility is extremely limited, giving the drivers the chance to virtually prepare for the 500 mile endurance race on the track.

  • Sweet Crew


  • nineeleven2012

    Man I hate complaining on iRacing but how can you call it an “Official V8 series” when you have one car and one track of the official series?  *DONT_KNOW*  iRacing is turning into a magian’s trick with all their ads!

  • Bakkster

    Same way Forza 4 is the official ALMS game with only 4 tracks and no Porsches. Or Shift 2 is the official GT1 and GT3 series game despite having only 2 tracks.

    I tend to think of it like a development series, they don’t always race the same tracks that the primary series runs.

  • nineeleven2012

    at least both titles have more tracks and cars than iRacing and don’t call themselves the ultimate sim experience! 

  • Bakkster

    They have more cars, but not more tracks. Shift has 22 real-world road courses and an oval plus 14 fantasy tracks, Forza 3 had 12 real road courses and 9 fantasy tracks; iRacing has 19 real world road courses, 11 tracks with both a road course and oval, and 17 ovals without an RC. Forza clearly loses out, but if you include even just the most commonly races rovals (Daytona, Homestead, Indy, and NHMS) they’re still about equal. And that’s a generous comparison assuming you don’t count ovals.

    And yes, Forza and Shift make extraordinary claims too:
    Shift 2: Unleashed redefines the racing simulator genre by bringing the atmosphere of race day to life.”
    Pre-order [Shift 2] the most realistic racer ever
    Forza Motorsport 4 will be the most expansive and vividly realistic automotive experience across any console, bringing you closer to the edge than you’ve ever been before

  • Bakkster

    Also, for reference, the official V8SC series with only 1 real track is an outlier. The official iRacing Grand-Am series has 9/11 real world tracks, the official IndyCar series has 8/10 of the non-street circuits with Motegi and Kentucky on the way. While unofficial, the LMS series in iRacing has all but the 2 ALMS street circuits and 2 of the 5 non-ALMS rounds in the ILMC.

    I’m not aware of any racing game that has an entire series circuits, unless it is basically that series and nothing else (NASCAR Racing, Race WTCC, Game Stock Car, GTR2, etc), though I would like to see someone prove me wrong.

  • nineeleven2012

    when I said more tracks I was refering to the series they selfproclaim as “official” i.e. the V8 supercars with one car and one track!

  • Bakkster

    Yeah, and the V8SC is an outlier. Like I posted above, iRacing has more ALMS tracks than FM4 the ‘official’ ALMS game, and just as many European GT3 series tracks as Shift 2.

    Again, how do they have ‘more’ tracks?

  • Sam Stratten

    And who’s to say that now it is officially sanctioned Holden won’t get on board. After all, Chev has a major presence in iRacing. I would expect us to see more V8SC tracks available over time. It’s pretty hard for them to get most though as there’s a lot of street circuits.

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