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Turismo Carretera – 2009 Update 2.0 Released

Turismo Carretera – 2009 Update 2.0 Released

2PEZ Games has released a new version of their 2009 season update for the Turismo Carretera racing simulation, adding the 2009 cars and tracks as well as other extras and improvements to the sim.

Using ISI’s gMotor engine, Turismo Carretera simulates one of South America’s most popular series, including four different car models and twelve tracks.


– Better performance online.
– Modifications in rules (rFm) of TC calendar 2009.
– Cars of the Calendar 2009 By Tourism (Thanks TC.NET)
– Cars Historical Season By Tourism (Thanks TC.NET)
– Category Procar 4000, Classes To and B, By Alex Zahen (Alex Thanks)
– New screens of Load By Alex Zahen (Alex Thanks)
– Updates in 9 Of Julio, Balcarce, the Silver, Parana.
– Version of Balcarce without baffle plate.
– Version 2009 of Rafaela.
– Version 2009 of Olavarría.
– Automobile race track of Santiago of the Matting By Pigue3D (Jean Thanks Paul and Fermin)

Turismo Carretra is available in Argentina and internationally, published by 777 Studios.

Download Turismo Carretera 2009 Update 2.0 Here

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