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Triumph Spitfire for GTL – Released

Triumph Spitfire for GTL – Released

Tony Benev has released the Triumph Spitfire for GT Legends, bringing a British roadster to Simbin’s historic racing simulation.

Designed by Giovanni Michelotti, the Spitfire was an open-top sports car build by the Triumph Motor Company from 1962 to 1980. The lightweight car weighed less than 800 kilograms and was powered by a four-cylinder engine putting out 107kw.

Download Triumph Spitfire for GT Legends Here

  • Ricoo

    It would be great to have all GTL/GTR2 mods converted to Race07/GTR Evo/Race On since the AI is much better with this plateform, and much better than rFactor one too.

  • The Biff

    I prefer GTR2 GTL over the race 07 series.  I find the Race 07 series has a major understeer problem with most cars. 

  • jimmy

    Oh God, I have to install GTL once again, there are so many awesome addon cars!

  • Ricoo

    Strange I never noticed that. But it’s true that maybe cars don’t spin as easily as in rFactor for instance. As if there was more grip. Anyway I find it more realistic… but it’s hard to know what is closer to real car handling…

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