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Trabant 601 for Assetto Corsa – New Preview Video

Track505 has released a new preview video of his Trabant 601 mod for Assetto Corsa.

Back in 2011, Track505 was working on the DDR Rennsport Mod for rFactor, planning to bring the Trabant 601 and other East German racing classics to the simulation.

Since then, a lot has happened as the project has been moved to Assetto Corsa as the iconic Trabant will be resurrected in Kunos Simulazioni’s new simulation.

Below is an extensive new preview video of the the quirky and unique East German car that still has a cult following in many parts of the country.

  • e_r_n_i_e

    ….or like we call it here in germany -> “Rennpappe” ^^

  • RapidRefund

    Cool I like this car!

  • Francesco Kasta

    The sound these cars produce is almost unbearable

    • LogiForce

      These cars have 2 stroke engines. Just like old mopets. So they are high pitch high rpm engines.

      I can’t seem to remember which track this is though. Although I feel like I have seen it in old DDR race videos.

      • Francesco Kasta

        Yeah I know, that doesn’t make it any more bearable though.

      • LogiForce

        No, it doesn’t. Used to go to former DDR in the past, so the sound is familiar. You get used to it somewhat.
        In the end it’s just as annoying as those noisy mopets. Although these days you see more 4 stroke mopeta luckily.

        I wonder if they will make a Wartburg to go with this as well. :p

  • Dentykaffalatta


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