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TPSCC 3.0 – Released

TPSCC 3.0 – Released

The Pits have released version 2.0 of their TPSCC mod for rFactor, further improving their popular NASCAR COT mod.


  • Dozens of Fixes, Upgrades and Adjustments including
  • Fixed window textures.
  • Included fix for dx7 mode.
  • Updated the Pace SSR to get rid of the mirror texture so it doesn’t get used in race mode.
  • Added 2009 Fusion.
  • New mirror option in the cockpit view (available as an upgrade, it’s a narrow mirror for Brian).
  • Added two sided tape to the window, so the outside view and cockpit view can be painted separately.
  • Enhanced and/or corrected various 2d graphics, including the “Tigger” graphic.
  • Added driver to the cockpit view, as an upgrade option.
  • Added cutaway car option via a change in the .veh file.
  • Changed tape adjustments to 1% increments.
  • RFM Rules adjustments.

Along with the mod, The Pits provide a wide selection of oval tracks suited to the mod, the tracks can be downloaded here.

Download TPSCC 3.0 Here

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