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Toyota AE86 for RACE 07/GTR Evolution – Released

Toyota AE86 for RACE 07/GTR Evolution – Released

Gunthar Rowe & True2Life Racing have released the Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 touring car for RACE 07, GTR Evolution & Race On.

Originally made by gonzo-kool for rFactor, the car has been equipped with Simbin-specific features such as working rain & dirt screen, wet weather tires and support for custom skins.

Back in the 80s, the rear-wheel driven Corolla Levin was a very popular choice for Group N touring car racing. The car is still one of the most popular racing cars in Japan and can still be found in competition today.

Note: Screenshots show rFactor version.

Download Toyota AE86 for RACE 07/GTR Evolution Here

  • KlosterKatten

    the 100mb limitation on nogrip really drives me nuts..

  • Hompe


  • Schirock

    Thx gunthar & true2life!

  • Günthar Rowe

    I think that the max download should be increased to match the max upload which is 250mb

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