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Thrustmaster T500RS Steering Wheel – New Photos & Info

Thrustmaster T500RS Steering Wheel – New Photos & Info

Three weeks ago, first info on Thrusmaster’s upcoming high-end T500RS steering wheel surfaced. Now, new photos and some new info are available.

The wheel comes with plenty of impressive features such as 1080 degree-steering with a rigid motorized stopper for any steering angle setting, dual belt-driven Force Feedback and high-quality materials such as brushed metal. The wheel uses Thrustmaster’s H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology that offers 65536 values on the steering axis using a contactless magnet sensor.

The big 17 centimeter shifting levers made of brushed metal don’t turn with the wheel, an optional h-shifter box is sold separately. The complete wheel is detachable for future updates, a novelty for mass market steering wheels.

The wheel’s pedal unit is no less innovative, weighing over 7 kilograms and allowing to be used either standing or inverted for hanging pedals. The pedals are fully adjustable not just in height and spacing but in terms of brake resistance including a removable “Realistic Brake” mod.

With most of the features revealed, the last big question regards the retail price as the wheel is not yet listed at major retailers. Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi revealed that the wheel will sell for around $500 in Japan, Logitech’s G27 sells for $450 there so Thrustmaster’s innovation-rich product doesn’t seem to be much more expensive than the popular G27.


According to several sources, the wheel will be available starting late December/January, selling for a suggested retail price of 499€.

Three new high-resolution shows of the wheel and the pedal unit have been added!

  • S is for Senna

    Looks impressive, one thing bothers me and that is that the gear levers don’t turn with the wheel. Since i play mostly F1 games,this can be a problem.
    But reading the features this wheel has, I think its a good wheel for “normal” cars.

  • O11

    That removable wheel is something I wish for a long time. I would like a GT wheel. And a LMP/F1 wheel with paddles that turn with the wheel and a display. And maybe one in the middle like they use in Japanese GT, a GT wheel with a display.
    I’m a bit worried about those big metal paddles not turning. I think people will lose fingers because of that. WHen you drive hard with 1080 degree rotation and strong FFB your finger might snag behind it. >:o
    I hope those big paddles are removable.

    I’m excited!

  • Todd
  • O11

    The price will be €499. :-$

    Still considering it though. But I’ll wait for reviews.

  • zzzz

    499euros?… pass, btw. so the price in us 599$? (warthog costs 399euro/499$)

  • U MAD?

    The paddles are detachable

  • U MAD?

    599$/ €499 without the shifter

  • pepe

    It’s a good thing that the pedals won’t turn with the wheel. Most cars IRL what have pedals (including rally cars) have stationary pedals. It’s much easier when you are counter steering with big lock and don’t have the need of “guessing” which one of the pedals shift up or down. If I drift a flappy paddle car like F430 with my G25 I usually miss shift if the wheel is turned upside down.
    Tho F1 gamers probably would like the turning pedals more, tho F1 people probably aren’t the main audience of this wheel.

    Also the 1080 degrees of steering is a nice thing for some old skool racers etc. since these older cars often feature a much slower steering ratio. 4+ rotations lock to lock is probably the next step then.

    It’s gonna be a nice wheel I think but still I’ll stick to my G25 as long as it lasts.

    Oh I don’t like the wheel design because it has so many buttons, gives it arcadey feeling, I prefer the G25 style middle console thingy with the shifter.

  • pepe

    Also forgot to add even with the turning paddles of G25 I used to end up with bloody fingers with them cutting my fingers. I didn’t usually even realise it before race was over and was surprised to see the wheel covered in blood lol.

    Doesn’t happen anymore since I have gotten used to them and keep my fingers off that area.

    Hopefully the finish of the paddles in this one is less sharp.

  • Lolzi

    It’s strange, I have had my G25 for a long time now and I have never cut my self, not even so that it “just” hurt or something like that – that you can make yourself bleed is incredible! =-O

  • racedriver

    Too expensive, hope it will be close to G27 price ?

  • jimmy

    So this is advertised as official GT5 wheel. Isn’t it a little bit of ‘overkill’? I mean GT5 is a ‘semi-simulation’ and I don’t think you need such hardcore equipment for it. DFGT was perfect IMHO.

  • KastaRules

    Jesus! 500€ and NO H-shifter? Are you f*cking kidding me?! :-E

  • Lukas Kvietkauskas

    I always been an admirer of Thrustmaster, taking into account my first and only wheel- Thrustmaster FFB Guillemot, working perfectly for 10 years and counting 🙂

  • mike88

    so this is PS3 only?

    cant wait for reviews

    for the price this better outperform logitech and fantec

  • mike88

    woah just heading over to official thrustmaster facebook page price is very steep

    The T500 RS will be available from January 5 in North America and Europe and from January 25 in Japan, at a suggested retail price of $599.99 / £449.99 / €499.99″

  • Booz

    Your complains to thrustmaster and PD

  • kave

    jesus, they do make handsome wheels compare to logitech.

  • Silly(c)One

    500€ for a PS3 only wheel ??? 

    I bet only hardcore simracers would put that kind of money in a wheel, but then why make it PS3 only ?

    They’d better make a PC compatible version, and sell the wheel separate from the pedals (for those who already own a good set of pedals.)

    Totally missed target for that kind of hardware, IMHO.
    Too bad, I’d have given it a try…

  • Silly(c)One

    Logitech will be easy to outperform with a belt driven wheel… Fanatec, wait and see !
    I for one don’t fear for Fanatec, as even if the RS500 is any good, it’s PS3 only where both my Fanatec wheels (PWTS & PWGT2) are Xbox 360, PS3 and PC compatible…
    What were they thinking, @ Thrustmaster ???

  • whosyo

    just for ps3?
    that’s crazy!

  • Logitech sucks, Fanatec Double sucks

    Who said it’s a PS3 ONLY???

    it connects through a usb cable therefore its already compadible with a pc

  • jimmy

    Many, if not most sportscars have those fixed paddles. The same goes for WRC racers.

    btw Merry Christmas to all! 😉

  • starfox550

    There is no way this wheel will be PS3 only, simply because the PS3 shares the same HID (or is it XID) input, this is why every PC compatible wheel will work with the PS3 as long as the game allows, button mapping etc

    Only the Xbox 360 is the odd one out because of microsoft and their stupid business model.

  • Diego

    LOL… 499€ for a Thrustmaster Wheel??

    Logitech G27 costs at Amazon Germany 290€!

  • Ogre

    DFGT was sold as PS3 wheel too, but it worked on PC, so Logitech supported it in the later drivers (as far as i know). Selling only for PS3 would just be silly, they’d lose a big market.

  • AeroMechanical

    Yeah, dunno… $600 is getting into the “stupid expensive” range, where it might be worth paying a bit more to get a boutique setup.  Perhaps this wheel is that good though.  We’ll find out.

    At that price though, it’s not just competing against the G27 and Fanatec wheels, but those wheels coupled with a race frame along the lines of a Playseat. If I only had $600 to spend, and could use this wheel (even if it was REALLY nice) clamped to my desk, or a G27 bolted to a Playseat, I’d bet the G27 option would ultimately give the better experience.

    This could also all be negated if the MSRP turns out to be massively inflated, as tends to happen with certain products, and the wheel ultimately sells for $400-$450.  That would change everything.

  • Jos

    howis the dfgt perfect? it doesnt have clutch and h-shifter and most cars in GT are road cars….

  • Eduardo

    Logitech G27 for $450 ?!? even on the logitech site is $299. u guys are crasy.

  • Domagoj Lovric

    You misunderstood the text, it says “g27 sells for $450 IN JAPAN and that new t500 will sell for $500 IN JAPAN”.

  • moschum

    i think youre exagerrating and talking utter sh*t. take some photos and prove it.
    ive had 2 G25’s, both have the sharp edge finish you talk about on the pedals, 1 more then the other (bad quality control by logitech) but CERTAINLY not sharp enough to be actually cutting flesh.

    you must have bought yours from the black market. 

  • german
  • Roman

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