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Thrustmaster T500RS – First Videos & Release Date

Thrustmaster T500RS – First Videos & Release Date

Thrustmaster has released the first videos of their upcoming high-end T500RS steering wheel, showing us the first footage of the impressive unit.

The first has been shown on Gran Turismo 5’s GT TV feature, the second video shows the wheel’s Force Feedback motors in action during a test run.

The T500RS comes with plenty of impressive features such as 1080 degree steering, double-belt driven Force Feedback, a seven-kilo pedal unit that can be used both with hanging and standing pedals and more. Right now, it’s unsure whether or not the T500RS will be PC-compatible, Thrustmaster’s info-material is strictly talking about Playstation 3 usage due to the wheel being endorsed by Gran Turismo.

All the features come with quite a hefty price tag as the wheel will sell for $599 in the United States and 499€ in Europe – The T500RS will be available starting January 5.

  • Rooster

    So $600 for the “official wheel of GT5?”

    *fail horns x 10000*

  • Sehested

    looks like a cheap plastic wheel…..first thing i would do where to pull of the logo in the center of the wheel, when they switch the pedals, what about different pressure for gas and clutch…
    499 pricetag way to high price for a wheel that looks so cheap.
    esp. the buttoms looks like they are stolen from a PS3 controller.

  • pascaljackson

    in what time era did they pic up their video artist??? looks like 80s cutting and music style….
    this whole thing is even less than a joke

  • O11

    It’s made from metal and leather. It doesn’t really matter what it looks like. What matters is what it feels like.

  • Niels Heusinkveld

    That is a properly FAST wheel, such a huge shame its ps3 only. Lets hope for good news about some ‘unofficial pc support’ . :S

  • Jos

    is this really going to sell well??

  • Phonzy

    Let me check the Crystal ball

  • Gaiajohan

    I have the feeling in the R&D test thing they’re using it on pc. What the wheel does is the typical Thrustmaster FFB tests in their wheel software on pc.

  • Ross Siggers

    I wouldn’t say it looks cheap. And don’t judge until you’ve used one. I think MOMO’s look pretty cheap, but damn those things last forever afaik.

  • Rfactor2 Needs more WIP Screens

    Right now, it’s unsure whether or not the T500RS will be PC-compatible

  • buck buck buck

    I don’t understand these bad comments.. I would trade my G27 with this wheel anytime.  
    Looks much more responsive in terms of speed and the belt drive must feel much smoother. The wheel is much bigger as well and the way the pedals are designed must feel MUCH more realistic.  
    +1 thrustmaster. Substance over Style.

  • O11

    No it’s not unsure. They’ve announces PC driver will be available.

  • Silly(c)One

    There is a different pressure for brake and clutch, as shown in the video, the brake pedal can take up to 157N or something… and the belt drive definitely is a huge improvement over Logitech wheels !
    The motor seems VERY powerfull, too much in fact, a kid could easily break his arm when it’s going full speed on a 1080 turn… Hope that’s only for testing in R&D…
    Build quality seems quite good too and at that price tag and for those target users (console), must be quite resilient to abuse…
    I already own 2 Fanatec wheels and one CSP so I’ll pass on that one but I’d be very curious to check one out and I’d definitely consider it as a serious contender to Logitech top wheels (G25/G27) as the difference in price makes for much better quality pedals and the belt drive will kill Logitech’s gears…
    Though at that price, the RS500 better be VERY good and very available to compete against a cheaper but trustable (no pun intended :P) GT3RSv2 Clubsport Edition…
    Wait and see…

  • retiisi

    I was wondering the same thing. The product itself looks very promising but that video was cheap and lame crap which only raises doubts.

  • Bramski

    This wheel looks excellent. Thrustmaster have been around long enough to know that they can remarket this product to the PC crowd once all the GT5 hype has died down.

  • prunn

    I wouldnt trade my 10 year old thrustmaster ferrari ffb wheel for a g27, so I can say for sure it will kick logitech’s ass for the product itself… I’m guessing if they remove the gt5 logo they could sell it 100 bucks less… if they build a cheaper ferrari wheel based on this one, intended for pc, it would be perfect

  • prunn

    quoting them – PC driver will come later in 2011

  • jonelsorel

    It is INTENDED and ADVERTISED as the official GT5 wheel, which is on PS3. Doh. Among others it’s not intended primarily for kids who still ask their folks for icecream money. And tbh – your opinion on the wheel sucks. In my opinion.

  • jonelsorel

    Hmmm.. Since when does the PS3 have the exact same effects as Windows when testing FF?

  • Mark

    i’m sold

  • Mike Chaney

    Until it works across both consoles and PC, it has no value to me.

  • svizzy

    nice feature that it has enough power to break an arm imo. that what steering wheels can do during a crash against a wall in real life.

  • Jev

    +1, definitely worth to consider trading in my G27…

  • Racing Slippers

    The paddles dont move with the wheel which is just hilariously crap.

  • Calzone

    Anyone already thought of just modding a G25/27 to 1080 degrees? 

    I would trade in my G27 for this, but i’m not willing to spend anymore on it then a G27 costs, since the shifter isn’t included either. Most things this wheel has can be modded on a G27 too. And then it costs less then the price of this wheel.

  • jimmy

    As I already wrote here – this concept is widely used in real life cars. Right now I remember Enzo, Zonda R, WRC racers… in fact maybe it is much more used than paddles fixed on wheel!

  • jimmy

    And it’s certainly a better concept. Imagine – you want to turn wheel more than some 180 degrees and you want to shift. It’s a little bit confusing which paddle you have to press then… on the other hand I remember a video of Zonda R’s Nurburgring record lap where Basseng mis-shifted at Ex-Muhle just because of these paddles like Thrustmaster has…

  • Kuipo

    It depends on what kind of car you are racing.  If you’re in most road racing cars on an actual track, you aren’t going to be turning the wheel that much.  If it’s a road car too, like an Enzo (since you gave that as an example), then you may be turning the wheel that much quite often when doing low speed maneuvers like parking etc.  Rally racing and stuff like that, obviously you’re going to be rotating the wheel more than usual.

    So mainly it depends on the use of the vehicle.

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