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Thrustmaster T500 RS – PC Drivers Released

Thrustmaster T500 RS – PC Drivers Released

Thrustmaster has released the PC drivers for their recently-launched T500 RS steering wheel, ending the high-end wheel’s short confinement to the Playstation 3.

The PC drivers are available both as 32bit & 64bit version, detailed installation instructions can be found at the download location linked below.

Furthermore, below is a video showing the brand new wheel in action with rFactor. VirtualR will be having an in-depth review of the feature-rich wheel shortly so stay tuned for more on the T500 RS!

The T500 RS is Thrustmaster’s new upper-market wheel featuring 1080 degrees of steering, double-belt driven Force Feedback and a seven-kilo pedal unit that can be used both standing and inverted for hanging pedals. The T500 RS sells for 499€ in Europe and $599 in the United States.

Download Thrustmaster T500 RS Wheel PC Drivers Here

  • Turkey :D

    Cool. I’ll buy it when it’s not $600 though. I could put together mid-range PC or buy a few PS3s with that kind of money.

  • Gulyo

    The price is ridiculuos …

  • simfan

    bye bye g25   🙂

  • terminator

    uhmm let me think… the T500 RS which is becoming available worldwide or the Fanatec Porsche available only in selected countries? Guess Fanatec isn’t my cup of tea!

  • Nismo

    The wheel looks so badass! Just wish i had the wonga to afford one, looks beastly

  • Edster

    That wheels is absolutely amazing, but so is its price. Guess my good old G25 will still have some years of driving ahead of it.

  • The Biff

    Who will be doing the review for virtualr? 

  • Montoya

    Me, all the reviews here are done by me aside from those clearly marked as Guest Articles.

  • The Biff

    I’ll be waiting for a better review.  I still think clubsport pedals and a g27 would be a better. 

  • Eric

    Cool, but those pedals are mounted at the wrong angle.

    Still think a bodnar/g27/perfect pedal is better than the t500 pedals.

    The wheel looks to be better than the g27 though.

    Maybe perfect pedal will come out with a t500 version.  Then that would be a hard setup to beat for the money, unless you go frex and cst or something.

  • Bob

    A wheel & pedals with no H shifter? This is no good!

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