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Thrustmaster T500 RS – Fixed Paddles Rim Unveiled

Thrustmaster has unveiled a new wheel rim for their T500 RS Steering wheel that introduces fixed shifting paddles.

Thrustmaster has unveiled a new wheel rim for their T500 RS Steering wheel that introduces fixed shifting paddles.

The T500 RS has been rather unique, coming with paddles that are fixed to the wheel base instead of the wheel rim. The Formula One add-on rim for the T500 RS already featured paddles fixed to the wheel but it looks like that the GT wheel receives them as well.

Just like the F1 wheel, the new rim will probably be available both as add-on purchase for existing customers as well as bundled with the base for new buyers.

The new rim is being screwed on the base, the T500 RS does not come with a true quick-release mechanism but still allows to change wheel rims rather hassle free.

What do you prefer? Paddles fixed to the rim or base? Feel free to share your view in the comments below!

  • Alex White

    Did they “reveal” a price, or release date?

    Having just purchased a T500RS this would be something I am interested in. Now I’ll just put off buying the Ferrari rim until we know a little bit more about this one.

    • Anonymous

      Not yet, otherwise I would have included it in the article.

      • GuessWho

        I honestly would would love to know why the down votes on montoyas answer. I cant see any reason for the down vote.

      • Pavel Drandiiski

        Haters .. haters everywhere!

      • Den Burnout

        Yeah, weird. So I voted it up. lol.

  • Chris Allen

    Still can’t buy the T500 without the pedals. I ended up going with Fanatec because I already had the clubsports. If I could have just purchased the wheel I probably would have bought a t500 instead. And I do like wheel mounted paddles better.

  • Nabil Abdool

    After waiting 4 months for my T500 unit and demanding a replacement unit, I honestly cannot say that I am excited for any Thrustmasters product anymore. Good on them for developing something “new” but honestly a complete batch of new wheels/accessories are needed. Keeping an eye on Fanatecs new products – their pedals, shifters and wheels look simply amazing (have you seen those dashboard mods!? Wow!)

    • Anonymous

      Did you go to the supplier for a replacement? My t500rs was replaced without any questions. Make a comment on their Facebookpage sometimes this helps.

    • GuessWho

      I bought a Fanatec GT3RS V2 last june and I had to get it replaced three times. In the end I sold the last replacement two months ago. I dont trust the Fanatec wheels anymore so with the lack of availability of the G27 here in Ireland I either have to buy a Wheel with no FFB or that thrustmaster. So Ill buy that T500 and that rim with the rotating paddles. Then Ill remove the static paddles if its at all possible.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got the F1 rim for this. I want paddles fixed on the base for touringcar/roadbased or rally. But nice to see Thrustmaster listening to the customer.

  • Wally Masterson

    I have done many races with the fixed paddles, and it’s never been a problem, even in the heat of battle. Maybe I have long fingers…

  • Guy Moulton

    I like that TM is making a new rim and keeping things fresh, but for me the fixed paddles is perfect and I can’t go back. I am holding out hope for a GT wheel like you’d see in a P1 car.

  • Jos

    hope there’s a ferrari badge on the front 🙂

    • Donnie Witt

      I am eagerly awaiting this wheel , I really like the stock wheel except the padals on the base . Now with wheel mounted padals & what looks like more buttons on the wheel it’s a win win . I hope there’s no badge except TM .

  • Anonymous

    RIM, unless you are rallying (then it’s optional). …and that the rotary buttons work as well.

  • Roger

    Id prefer to have them where the car im driving has them… Many supercars have the shifters fixed to the column (Ferrari’s and Lambos) which helps to shift when turning sharply.

    I think i might prefer to have them fixed, but its not an obvious choice! 🙂

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