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Thrustmaster Reveals Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit 430 Scuderia

Thrustmaster Reveals Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit 430 Scuderia

Thrustmaster has revealed their newest hardware product aimed at racing gamers, introducing us to the Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit 430 Scuderia.

The new product combines their Ferrari 430 steering wheel & pedals with a durable 10.5 kilo wheelstand and wireless functionality. The wheelstand is adjustable and foldable, the wheel can be detached for easier storage.

The Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit 430 Scuderia will be available starting June and sell for $249.99, the wheel will work both with the Playstation 3 and Windows PC.



– Streamlined with adjustable metal structure – folding and transportable, for easy storage
– 2.4GHz wireless system: 10m+ range with no latency.
– 50 hours of battery life with 4 AA LR6 batteries (not included).
– Wide, weighted base (10.5kg in total) for optimal stability.
– Adjustable, rigid metal structure: an infinite number of possible positions according to the user’s size (adult/child) and seating type (sofa/chair).
– Foldable structure: perfect for storage.
– Streamlined, with the metallic colors of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia “musetto”.

Pedal Set

– 2 metal pedals integrated directly into the cockpit (for total stability)
– Metal pedals with long range of travel, inspired by the shape of the pedals on the Ferrari 430 Scuderia.
– Brake pedal with magnetic resistance for enhanced realism.


– exact replica of the Ferrari F430 wheel (7/10 size)
– Ultra-precise wheel, featuring 12-bit precision (4096 values on the wheel’s axis).
– Sequential Up & Down gearshift levers crafted of metal, for Ferrari GT-style driving.
– XXL wheel: 28cm in diameter!
– Genuine “Manettino®” dial with 5 backlit positions, to configure your wheel directly in the game (driving sensitivity, programming system, etc.).
– Rubber-textured grip, for optimal comfort.
– 100% programmable, with internal memory.
– Detachable wheel: cockpit takes up minimum space when stored.
– Compatible with 100% of PlayStation® 3 games and PC USB games (Windows® 7/Vista/XP).

  • jayb

    I bet it get the carpet really clean. 😉

  • Haremheb


  • TomHolland

    This looks very tasty! 😯 I have no regular TM F430 and I have to say, awesome wheel!

    Only downside is the pedals are connected with a LAN cable solded into the pedalboard from one side. I broke the small plastic thingy which holds the cable in place on the other side of the cable, the side you stick in the wheel, and now I have to fiddle around for a few minutes everytime I play to get the pedals working. :sad2:

  • SpikeyMarcoD

    ISR has a wheel. It is NOT the regular F430 wheel. It appears to have NO Forcefeedback they write on They will review it soon.

    So its not really any competitor for logitech.

  • faywee123


  • fcp078

    Did anybody else notice that the living room where the guy is using the wheel is furnished entirely by ikea?

  • cosm1

    this wheel is for child…very bad use of Ferrari brand…

  • karat

    It’s a new hoover ? :sd:

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