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Thrust SCC 1.0 – Released

Thrust SCC 1.0 – Released

rFactor has seen its fair share off odd vehicle mods, from soap box racers to boats, buses and snowmobiles but here’s another  novelty to add to the list – A landspeed record car.

Hemetola’s Thrust SCC mod brings the jet-propelled Thrust Supersonic Car to the simulation, the SCC is the first ever car to break the sound barrier. The car’s twin jet engines put out 110.000 hp, helping the car to reach speeds exceeding 760 miles per hour.

The SCC broke the land speed record on October 15 1997, the mod comes with a match Salt Flats track to give this insanely powerful vehicle a go.

Download Thrust SCC 1.0 Here

  • stabiz

    Nordschleife next? 🙂

  • Seven Smiles

    Tried it at the ‘Ring. It’s a bit of a handful…

  • hemetola

    Thanks for putting the mod on the cover! 😀

  • zudthespud

    This thing going to beat it soon! I nearly went to a university that is supporting this.

  • kkacper

    what’s your speed records guys? Mine for the moment is 1303 km/h 🙂 Pretty insane to drive cars in rF with that kind of speeds. Actually this car’s are pretty challenging and fun on an ordinary circuits, just remember to be really careful with their backs 😀

  • F1Racer

    ” to brake the sound barrier”  ?   “Brake”, Rob ?  😉

  • nofx

    what  waist of time… another useless mod :p

  • Nedo

    hehe cool, its fun what all new stuf is comming still for rFactor 🙂
    But particles are missing, a hughe dust behind the car, this would look better.

  • Hornetball

    thats right!

    What is the sense of mods like this one???
    rfactor is a kiddy game, this mod is another prove!

    I really appreciate your work, but i think no one need that kind of mod in a “simulator” ( 😉 )

  • Loetkoe

    This is fantastic. Thank you very much!

  • Paul Kelly

    Is this mod RealFeel compatible? 🙂

  • Dirk

    It looks great but I feel so sad that all your effort put into producing this is lost because who would want to drive this :D?

  • sucha

    It’s just for fun guys, there is no point to say “i don’t like this, we don’t need it”.

    And remember, life is useless.

  • guest


  • Charles Stanley

    Me too.

  • Charles Stanley

    Another useless comment.

  • RDS

    Yay ! This is finally here !

  • Rhys Gardiner

    You aren’t paying a cent for it, so what right do you have to say whether it is useless or not?

  • kave

    love it…the speedometer cant go higher above 999…haha, rfactor2 fix maybe? I laugh abit when i see that yellow flag though & how about a flight sim next guys…hehe

  • pez2k

    And me, it’s good to finally have a car to put the salt flats to good use. What makes rFactor great is its variety, we now can go from a lawnmower and a bus to Formula One and a rocket car.

  • pez2k

    Well, a jet car anyway.

  • TJ

    What settings are you guys using on your pedals? I can’t seem to stay off the redline with it.

  • nofx

    Another useless member :-$

  • twat police


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