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THQ Announces RACE 360

THQ Announces RACE 360

At the Interactive Digital & Entertainment Festival in Cannes, THQ revealed plans to bring Simbin’s RACE simulation to Microsoft’s XBOX 360 gaming console. Entitled RACE 360, the game will feature 350 cars and 15 tracks which sounds pretty much like the RACE 07 content. Furthermore, the game will feature 12-player online multiplayer feature via XBOX Live, offline racers will be giving a splitscreen mode to compete head to head

RACE 360 will be the first serious simulation for XBOX 360 owners, enriching the choice of racing games with a proven name in the simulation world. Scheduled to be released in November, this marks the second try to launch a Simbin product for the console market. GTR for XBOX was planned to feature the 2005 FIA GT season, the game was eventually dropped by THQ and probably scrapped by Simbin, even though this has never been confirmed.

Since the PC version of race uses Image Space Inc’s gMotor engine, this opens all doors for speculations if RACE 360 will be the first game to utilise Simbin’s much discussed new Lizard engine.

  • Anonymous

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This will be amazing, maybe the first proper sim for Xbox 360.

  • Beats

    I’d be very surprised if this wasn’t using Lizard. Should be good, although the name’s a little….cack? 😀

    Couple this with Blimey’s new multi-platform sim(s), and it finally looks like there’s gonna be some proper racing sims on consoles at last. No doubt the majority of sim fans will be wondering where the hell the PC version is though (me included).

  • C

    I hate to be a naysayer, but it seems destined to fail. They are going to sell ~200,000 copies, reviews are going to be terrible because it is “too difficult” and “not accesible to first timers”, user forums are going to be crowded with people complaining that they cannot put decals or 24’s on their cars, and it will only attract a few hardcore groupies that will bemoan the lack of mass acceptance. Much like the sim community in general. Too bad, but that is our lot.

  • phil23

    Cool. Can’t wait to see if they can nail the “feel” with the console game. Looks like I’ll have 2 versions of this sim by the end of the year!!

  • Trebor901

    imo they’ve chosen the crappiest console they could to bring it out on. You cant even use the G25 on the 360. PS3 would have been a much better choice.

  • Stu

    ‘They are going to sell ~200,000 copies, reviews are going to be terrible because it is “too difficult” and “not accesible to first timers”,’

    You’d have a point, apart from the fact GT5P is more realistic than RACE race on the PC.

  • krs

    😆 @ Stu

  • Jordan

    :mrgreen: NICE

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