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This Week Inside Sim Racing – April 28

The guys over at have released the newest edition of their This Week Inside Sim Racing show.

The guys over at have released the newest edition of their This Week Inside Sim Racing show, recapping some of the stuff that’s been going on in the virtual racing world.

This week, Jessica Lopez & Shaun Cole cover the new iRacing build, the Touring Pro Series and review Dashmeter Pro for iRacing.

Furthermore, the new edition also includes long-running segments such as the Sim Rig of the Week as well as a new edition of John Hill’s Rear View Mirror.

  • Anonymous

    I much rather see Jessica posing as the nice girl like in this episode than the hollywood you know what.

  • Eric Zehnder


  • Chris Wright

    After the promise of them finally acknowledging that Arca Sim Racing is still alive in the last episode, they appear to have reverted to type this week, with yet more iRacing puff. This is a silly strategy, as iRacing does its own podcasts. Their independence was their hallmark in the early days – what a shame, though I still congratulate them for pioneering this broadcasting style in our hobby.

    • Steve Ford

      Do the iracing tshirts, signs, hats and coverage of the top level iracing series not give it away?  Seriously man, this isn’t new news.  The show is heavily sponsored by iracing which means it’s probably part of their contract to dedicate so much time for each show to iracing. That’s how these deals work.  😉

      • Chris Wright

         Well, if you’re after an iRacing videocast then I guess this is going to be just fine for you. I agree it’s hardly news, but the last episode saw poor old Arca, a game they really got behind at launch, finally get another decent mention. There’s a lot happening in sim racing right now, but you wouldn’t really know that watching Inside Sim Racing. I totally understand them wanting to take advertising. The problem is that the programming is so heavily biased to iRacing that they seem to have lost their independence, which was what made the show so great when it started.

      • Steve Ford

        Yep and don’t expect things to change anytime soon.  I personally haven’t watched that show or have had any interest in it for a LONG time.  Darren gangi gets on my nerves anyways.  lol. 

      • Anonymous

        Shaun cole made a fantastic review of 5min on my app DashMeterPro for free and I’m totally independent. So at least 25% of this episode is independent ;-). Thanks insidesimracing great work!

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